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What is the Looking-Glass Time Capsule?

A place to leave your experiences, your feelings your concerns, your hopes and dreams. They will mature into an historical document for the fascination and study of future Internet generations.
At this time you should consider a submission to the Time Capsule an important contribution towards a peaceful future. The emotion and thoughts you project in words during these times of global disharmony can help to analyse the entire mood of humanity.
Since World War 2 there has never been a more profound time in modern history to make use of this important utility... a human expression caught in time, and a reminder to future generations how terror and provocation amongst humankind can change the mood of the entire world.
The Internet allows a way of capturing a snapshot of your personal thoughts and experiences. Web blogs are fine if you want to publish your rants and diary of the day for everybody on earth to nose into. But blogs can clearly be too personalized and irrelevant, as they rarely capture the flavour an individual's experiences and concern about the planet as a whole - but Time Capsule essays can to be constructive - food-for-thought, which readers may be inspired by, and in turn help to improve the mindset of humanity towards more compassionate ways of thinking. This is how the Time Capsule aims to always make your voice available as a reflection for all ... now ... and in a hopefully more compassionate future.
Material put out on the internet usually stays on there forever. This is because web pages are cached on internet mainframe computers. So even if a website might disappear, the pages themselves are often still out there in cyberspace. So writing an essay to leave in the Looking-Glass Time Capsule site is a great way for future generations to get a glimpse of today's feelings and emotions about the world from everyday people, anywhere around the globe.

Please don't be shy to submit an essay, however short ... this is also a practical resource for all scholars of history and philanthropical study... we will of course omit your name if you wish to remain anonymous.
Read essays now in the Time Capsule or continue reading this page if you want to submit your own essay.

Looking Glass and VeggieGlobal subscribers of any age can participate. (You can subscribe free when you send in your essay, but please remember that under 16 year olds must get their parents or guardians to subscribe for them)
Each year visitors of all nationalities can leave their words (a personal account or observation). This will be placed in the time capsule and "locked" ... in other words no more essays will be added to that year's capsule past the closing date. But you can still write an essay to be included in next years capsule!
Obviously, an Internet time capsule differs from the one you dig a hole for and bury things! Erm... that is not practical on the Internet!. These Internet Time Capsules are launched on the net to float in cyberspace perpetually. In fact you will be able to view each year's documents whenever you like. But we are sure that the Internetologists of the future (as surely there will be such an occupation by then!) will find stories of Internet users at the beginning of this new century most fascinating.

Free essay submissions so start writing now!

Please read ALL of the following before submitting your essay.

What Shall I Write?

  • Whatever your nationality or age - and from whatever part of this planet you live you are welcome to leave your words for inclusion in the capsule.
  • For example, you may have had to cope with an environmental disaster, a war, terrorism or a natural disaster. Write down these experiences and make the rest of the world aware.
  • You could even write your thoughts relating to the 21st century. For example you could summarize your views on life from your childhood up until or since the Millennium. . .
  • Your environmental concerns are most welcome. . . Animal welfare plays an important part in Looking-Glass . . .
  • But anything which you feel expresses a view point and may interest or benefit readers now ... and into the distant future.
Please give your piece a TITLE, witty or otherwise: for example "Surviving the floods" or "She gave me a choice, it was her or Lara Croft" or "My time with the dolphins" or "Our family at war". . . something that best represents the content your essay.

What to do Now

Write your piece, no longer than 400 words.

  • For the interest of Capsule readers give a geographical description of where you are in the world e.g. country, state, county and preferably town or city.
  • Anyone can leave their age if they wish.
  • You can remain anonymous but it is important that you state clearly if you do not want your name published with your words. If you do not express this preference your name will be automatically published with your piece.
  • Looking-Glass takes every "common-sense" precaution to ensure the safety of children on the Internet. if you are under 16 years of age please ask a parent or guardian to fill the form for you and enter only their e-mail address (for our subscription records)
  • So that you won't be disappointed please read the terms and conditions to make sure your piece fits the publishable criteria.
  • If there are excessive errors in your work your essay may be rejected. Exceptions will of course be made if you have a disability which affects your writing fluency. Please state any dissability when you send in your essay. (just mention it in the essay box)
  • Unfortunately, at this time we can only accept essays in the English language but in the future we hope to be able to accept many more languages.
  • Make sure your work is free of grammatical errors.

Choose your words wisely:
The Time Capsule is primarily designed for presenting words from persons sharing compassion and concern for the planet and its welfare. And from persons who wish to present their personal stories and tribulations of a nature that is non-invasive. Each essay will be individually assessed and selected if suitable. Essays of an obscene nature, extremism, blatant product promotion, personal slander etc. will not be published in the Time Capsule. This is not a soapbox for political or religious persuassion. Looking-Glass will not be held responsible for events or retribution occurring due to documents published within the Time Capsule files.

Keeping the Time Capsules Afloat in Cyberspace

Looking-glass will strive to keep the Time Capsules always on the Internet.

If for any reason this site closes we will aim to pass the capsules on to a reputable site which shares similar compassion and philosophy as Looking-Glass. We will aim to e-mail all those who have submitted pieces to the Capsules informing them of such changes.

Now go and write your essay! ... after which you can paste it into your essay form ...

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NOTE FOR PUBLISHED WRITERS, AUTHORS and MEDIA ASSOCIATES. You can submit works in excess of 400 words and include a photo. Please use our main Looking-Glass contact page and follow links to contact us directly.)


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