Clearer Ethics ... Simple Choice

Trust between trade and consumerism can finally be realized with one simple label.

Building your customer's trust should be equally if not more important as gaining brand loyalty.
With the NOVA Key on your products you will be clearly showing that you have nothing to hide within your ingredients. This is without doubt what consumers want.
The NOVA Key offers makers of all types of consumer products a chance to engage in the future of true ethical clarification. Tens of thousands of NOVA Key supporters - ordinary consumers - show their preference for this unique nonpartisan labelling system.
The NOVA Key itself does not yet Tweet or Facebook. Since the start of the millennium its ever-growing popularity is measured by word of mouth alone.

The NOVA Key is currently in BETA stage. We are now aiming for NOVA Key Licensing to be available to a wider selection of small to medium sized manufactures during 2015/16. This site will become more active based on the participation of successful applicants.

If you are a small food or beauty product manufacturer, craft-maker, shop, restaurant, farmers market local producer or own-brand e-tailor in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland or Austria you can enquire about using The NOVA Key Ethical Clarity label through an introductory BETA scheme.
You may be selected to be one of the first companies to apply The NOVA Key Ethical Clarity Label on your products. In advance of being chosen to beta test the NOVA Key we also offer consultancy to help structure your product to become more ethically appealing.

When enquiring to apply please note we do not answer any mails which do not include your full name, address and phone number, so please ensure that you include all contact details and as much information about your product as possible when writing.
Thank You.

Please email: info"at"
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For full details about the NOVA Key label visit the
NOVA Key Campaign and Consumers Site

NOVA KEY PARTICIPANTS NEWS UPDATE: The first jewellery maker in the world to use The NOVA Key is ethical goldsmith Kerstin Laibach. ( This NOVA Key BETA tester demonstrates a fine example of how versatile the Key works on many types of products ... even jewellery.