Finally ... an Ethical Labelling System that stops the confusion

The NOVA Key©

The NOVA Key Campaign for Consumers

A labelling system that stops all the confusion ... and all it takes is a simple cross!
Visit the NOVA KEY campaign consumers site
to find out more and vote

NOVA Key Trade Licencing

(Small food and cosmetic companies, restaurants, takeaways, on-line retailers and salons can discuss about applying to a free introductory scheme)
Find out more

To "V" or not to "V" ... that is the confusion.

To The NOVA Key Consumers Front Page

The red cross on a letter means no more guesswork for you!

To The NOVA Key Consumers Front Page ... for general food and clothing

Restaurant NOVA Key - colur ... for cosmetics, clothing and online shopping item descriptions

Restaurant NOVA Key  - black... for restaurants, salons, cosmetics and clothing

CONSUMERS - for more examples and a full explanation how this simple Ethical Labelling Key works
read on ...

MANUFACTURERS - to apply for a NOVA Key License* find out more here ...


*NOVA Key label is a copyrighted application from 2001 and onwards.
Anyone using this application system in this form or any similar form is liable to prosecution under all world copyright infringement acts.


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