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Updated October 2006
LGVN - Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal site news

Site-ings presents happenings around the Looking-Glass solar system

Stop Press ... LaFAN
The VeggieGlobal and Looking-Glass Lost and Found Animal Network (LaFAN - pronounced La - fan) is designed to provide a straightforward interconnecting platform between all animal rescue organisations, who themselves provide a "lost and found" page on their local website. If you have lost an animal or found one, all you need to do is check the Network List and click on the link to the lost and found page of the rescue organisation nearest to your location and establish contact with them. The participating organisations should have a link-back to LaFAN so you can continue your search for an alternative rescue location if necessary. However many animal rescue places or on-line registers have not yet joined the network, which we feel is a serious shame. The very few who have actually joined the network reunited two dogs with their owners within just a few weeks of linking in with LaFAN ... so we know the system works perfectly. Please tell your local animal rescue centre to participate in this important concept. www.lafan.org.uk

Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal Greek Stray Animal Story
In 2004 LGVN published a major news article about the stray animal situation in Greece. The story coincided with the Olympic Games and examines in detail the general contention and slander surrounding animal welfare mismanagement inside Greece. In three parts, this popular article goes on to examine backgrounds of Greece and other countries cited as cruel to animals and discovers how history and "cultural logic" determine the different relationships that nations of opposites have towards their animals.


Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal Columnists
In 2003 the sites were delighted to introduce three new contributors, Heather Chase, Annette Crosbie and Kim Cooling. All have contributed greatly to the world of animal compassion and their regular columns here through the Looking-Glass are a welcome addition to this important web mission.

Ban The Bang!
Some time back Looking-Glass launched a major campaign to stop the public use of fireworks. Wildlife is being literally frightened to death and our popular campaign to ban the public sale of loud fireworks is here online waiting for more of your votes. Please send in your experiences of wildlife suffering from fireworks and vote in our poll. This campaign has contributed to the UK government's new changes ... but the proposals simply do not go far enough. In fact we believe they will cause more problems than cure the current ones. Ban the Bang! has already received thousands of votes but thousands more are needed ... and also to spread our campaign globally for all countries to participate in.

To "V" or not to "V", that is the confusion
, the major vegetarian site at Looking-Glass has launched a long term investigation and campaign on food product labeling for vegetarians - on a global scale. We will be unearthing facts on additives and disclosing misinformation about veggie labeling as well as looking into the lack of food product information for vegetarians around different countries of the world.
If you have any stories, thoughts or comments that might contribute to this investigation we would like to hear from you. Please go to the campaigns page and add your comments to the voting form.
You'll find the "NOVA Key" labelling capaign at: www.looking-glass.co.uk/campaigns

VeggieGlobal Kids will be launching soon
, The site gives children specific information to help them make choices about their vegetarian lifestyle It also points them to interesting and suitable resources and activities found around the rest of Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal.

The Animal Highway Code
At VeggieGlobal In 2005 a new mini-site has been launched called "Sharing This Planet With The Animals". It includes advice on careing for your companion animal, plus important information about looking after them when travelling. You'll also find useful tips about driving and wildlife and even a breakdown of pet ownership costs.

Care for The Wild Across The Continents (How to build a wildlife garden)
One of the latest moons of Looking Glass to evolve and provide world healing information is the UK section of Care for the Wild Across the Continents at VeggieGlobal. There you'll now find plenty of easily absorbed information on how to develop a wildlife friendly garden - as well as how to build a wonderful wildlife pond. It also gives you information on how to look after the animals that will visit your garden.

Campaigns Gateway
To accommodate our growing campaigns here at Looking-Glass / VeggieGlobal, a new satellite site has been launched with an easy to find campaigns menu.

In 2007/8 we hope to have Poets Wood open in the dimension, where you can read quality selected poetry submitted by Looking-Glass subscribers..

VeggieGlobal and Looking-Glass front entrance updates
The front contents page of VeggieGlobal has been re-designed to accomodate the increasing amount of activities found there... New Vegetarian Paths have been set up to help people just turning veggie.
And as you may have noticed, this news site, LGVN has been completely re-vamped to make it easier and quicker for you to find the increasing amount of articles - all which are achived for your research purposes via the search box which you'll find at the top of each news page.

The front "Homelands" pages of Looking-Glass have been completely redesigned to accommodate the increasing amount of activities found there...
And as you may have noticed, this news site, LGVN has been completely revamped to make it easier and quicker for you to find the increasing amount of articles - all archived for your reference.

Looking-Glass Life
In Life Through The Looking-Glass you'll find a report about the Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal websites. Why they were created and how they hope to evolve in the future.


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