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oceans, wetlands & marine life

Dying Oceans (general)
Inland Seas
Dolphins, Whales and Seals
Sea Pollution
Ocean Campaigns

Dying Oceans (general)

A Millennia of Marine Destruction

The journal Science recently documented 19 researchers who have found significant proof that marine destruction by man, even from thousands of years in the past has contributed to today's crisis in coastal ecology

World Coral Reefs Wiped Out by 2050

The British Association for the Advancement of Science conference were recently told that nearly all the world's coral reefs will be dead in 50 years

China named named as the culprit for distorting figures on world fish stocks.
World fish numbers now believed to be much lower than previously thought.

Polar bears facing extinction

The ice covering the arctic ocean has reduced by 40% in the past 40 years. Polar bears are now under increasing threat as warming is set to continue

Time is Running Out for Sea Life - Ongoing report updates

Quantities of fish and sea mammals continue to decline at an alarming rate


Global Extinction Threat to Amphibians

A new form of fungus could partly explain the dramatic decline in all amphibian species throughout the world... PLUS Common weedkiller is changing the gender of frogs

Ocean Campaigns

The World's Oceans are Dying ... act now!

It was once said that the only man-created structure you could see from space was the Great Wall of China. Now all that has changed. Today, from the International Space Station, you will be able to spot at least two man-made disasters. A shrunken, dry Aral Sea full of toxins. And thousands of square miles of dead coral across The Great Barrier Reef. Could the GGL help to stop this?
Visit the GGL Site at VeggieGlobal.com

Stop the Seal Hunt

Read our report on the seal hunts and help stop seal hunting by visiting organisations at the end of the story.

Sea Pollution

Oil Spills: Exon Valdez - Erica - Prestige

Brief reports and updates on a selection of the worst oil tanker spills in recent history.

Oceans Clogged By Invisible Pollution

Besides overfishing, microscopic litter is also to blame for the decline in ocean life.

Inland Seas

The Aral Sea Story (plus the Black Sea and The Dead Sea)...

The Aral Sea story and other inland sea news updates


Iraq - The Fertile Crescent...

Whichever way Iraq finally settles towards a new-found peaceful existence, it is hoped that urgent attention is taken to restore a huge area of land that has been subject to one of the world's worst and deliberate environmental disasters.

Welcome Home Ratty - Water Vole Update

During the UK summer of 2001 we reported on the release of several hundred water voles into safe wild areas in an atempt to re-generate the population.

Dolphines, Whales and Seals

Seal Hunt

Picture of Baby Harp Seal - copyright Ignacio Aronovich
Looking-Glass News provides the latest stories about the notorious Canadian Seal Slaughter ... the largest since 1970

Dolphins Being Killed by Fishing Nets off British Coast


In January 2003 alone, nearly 200 dolphins were washed up dead on the south-west coast of Britain

Evidence Found that Sonar is Killing Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises.

Spanish scientists have found new evidence showing that mammals are dying from decompression

The London Whale - A symbol of a dying planet. Plus International Whaling Commission Meeting Updates.

Japan say that whales compete with humans for fish as excuse to continue whaling

Did we really listen to the dying song of the London whale? To understand that it had sent us a simple message ... "Stop killing our planet". ...more

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