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Published April 2003 - Updated June 2005
LGVN Animals - Fur

Reports on the Fur Industry
Fashion and Anti-Fur Campaigns - updates

Real Fur is Back in Fashion
Cats and dogs are Being Farmed for Fur in the EU

Real Fur is Back in Fashion

An insensitive new generation of fashion followers are buying and wearing real fur clothing again. In a shocking report by BBC The Money Programme, young people said that "moral objections are old hat"...

Fur wearing had fallen sharply by the end of the 1980s, helped along by hard hitting anti-fur campaigns. These included David Bailey's shocking cinema advert of a model strutting the cat-walk dressed in a fur coat that begins to splatter copious amounts of blood across the stage and then the spectators. Then there was the advert of a selection of un-clothed super-models, claiming they would rather go naked than wear fur. At that time, emotions were so high about the unpleasentness of clothes made of dead animals that it became simply un-cool to be seen wearing anything that resembled one. (even though, ironically, leatherwear never seemed to loose favour).
Astonishingly, the trend of dressing up in furry dead creatures has now re-emerged in the mid 2000's. This upturn in sales has brought about the return of the infamous practice of seal clubbing. One million will be killed over the next three years for their fur and in 2005, 300,000 seal pups are being clubbed to death, the largest cull since 1970.
The rise in the killing of seal pups relates directly with fashion trends. Although the USA, and some of Europe banned the import of seal products, other countries like Poland and Russia are cashing in on the latest demand, which includes the fur of four week old baby seals.

To read this report in full and to learn more about animals killed for fur, the fur industry and opinions from fashion models visit our "Think About Fur" site

Cats and dogs are Being Farmed for Fur in the EU

A BBC News report and a leading UK newspaper in 2003 says it has seen evidence suggesting that tens of thousands of cats and dogs are being farmed for their skins inside Europe ...

Although Italy and the UK are the only countries to ban fur farming, countries like Belgium are thought to be farming cats for fur blankets etc.

It is thought that tens or even hundreds of thousands of cats and dog skins are traded in Europe each year. It has also been revealed that similar to far east countries, stray cats and dogs are being rounded up around Europe for skinning, then made into clothing, blankets and accessories. Many are also stolen pets. Items found on sale include a blanket in Copenhagen made out of the coats of four golden retrievers - and in Berlin, Germany, a full-length coat made from the skins of 42 Alsatian puppies. Many of these products are also labelled misleadingly to disguise their true origins.

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