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Animal Stories

The Cruelty of Bear Dancing

The Cruel Entertainment of Bear Dancing

The practice of bears tortured and forced to dance for the public is hoped to be stamped out within ten years, say a wildlife rescue organization in India.

Palm Oil ... The Ape Killer
Animal and environmental welfare organisations call on consumers to question products containing palm oil which destroys Orangutan habitats.
Ordinary food shoppers are unwittingly causing the extinction of rain forest animals such as the much-loved Orangutan.


Hope for India's Captive Elephants

The blistered legs of a captive elephant

Illegally caught captive elephants in India are estimated to number more than 5000, but help is at hand with the launch of the street Elephant Welfare Project.

Pride, Poison and Prejudice around the Parthenon
Story on Greek Strays
The story of how Greece, its media and authorities twisted truths and denied mass killings of thousands of stray dogs and cats in the run-up to the last Olympics... and how the situation has become worse since then.

Real Fur is Back in Fashion - plus Cats and Dogs being Farmed for fur in EU
An insensitive new generation of fashion followers are buying and wearing real fur clothing again. In a shocking report by the BBC's Money Programme, young people say that "Moral objections are old hat"

Animals in War
Whether it be peace time or in conflict, animals are suffering horrific deaths and injuries caused by human waged destruction

Welcoming Pigeons Back into our Cities
Germany and Holland show new humane ways that enable people and pigeons in cities to live side by side.

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Environmental Stories

Amazon Rain Forest Destruction Sped Up By Illegal Soy Bean Plantations
The destruction of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil is being dramatically accelerated due to massive plantations of soy. European consumers are inadvertently causing the effect due to preference of non-genetically modified soy instead of the American GM equivalent

GM Crops Now Threatening Natural Flora Diversity
GM Crops are now infiltrating wild crops. Read updated stories on this growing problem

Global Warming Story

A Report from The World Wide Fund for Nature
Global warming could fundamentally alter one third of plant and animal habitats by the end of this century, and cause the eventual extinction of certain plant and animal species, according to a recent study released by WWF, the conservation organization

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"NOVA" Ethical Labeling Campaign

Ethical Labelling

Compassionate web sites VeggieGlobal and Looking-Glass have launched a major campaign and investigation into ethical labeling of food and consumer products.

A non-killjoy firework campaign
Ban the Bang! is a well-balanced campaign to stop the use of excessive fireworks that cause suffering and death to animals, as well as distress to young children, the elderly and communities in general. more at the "Ban The Bang!" campaign site

Oceans, Wetlands

The London Whale - A symbol of a dying world
Did we really listen to the dying song of the London whale? To understand that it had sent us a simple message ... "Stop killing our planet".

Seal Hunt
Picture of Baby Harp Seal - copyright Ignacio Aronovich
Looking-Glass News provides the latest stories about the notorious Canadian Seal Slaughter ... the largest since 1970 ...more

Dolphins Being Killed by Fishing Nets off British Coast
In January 2003 alone, nearly 200 dolphins were washed up dead on the south-west coast of Britain ...more

World Coral Reefs Wiped Out by 2050
The British Association for the Advancement of Science conference were recently told that nearly all the world's coral reefs will be dead in 45 years ...more

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Cruelty Feature

The Chinese Year of the Dog - by Kim Cooling

Dog awaiting death
Moments after this picture was taken this little dog was bled alive then boiled. See full story ...

Dog rescuer Kim Cooling has given a harrowing account of her trip to China where she witnessed the barbaric slaughter of dogs in the southern Guangxi province. Armed with a video and stills camera, Kim's heart-rending story presents a snapshot account of the slow death that thousands of dogs and cats go through every day across China, killed for human consumption. ...more

Humanitarian Stories

The post war, silent, underground killer
You can't see it - you can't hear it - you can't smell it - and the conflict in your country may have been over for years. But landmines are killing or seriously maiming both humans and animals in war-torn countries across the world every day ...more

Female Circumcision
In June 2003, participants from 28 African countries assembled for a high profile conference on female genital mutilation (FGM). Its purpose was to discuss efforts to ban the world's most barbaric non-consenting "operations" on girls...

World Water Crisis
THE United Nations recently issued a warning that world water resources are diminishing, leaving 1/6 of humanity without clean running supplies

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