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The Lighthouse. An enlightening landmark, guiding passage to important issues around Looking-Glass
Looking-Glass Homelands reception. Click on this house if you ever get lost.
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You have arrived at the lighthouse... an enlightening landmark, which will help guide you to just some of the important planets and moons around the Looking-Glass solar system...


You have a choice of 12 arrival points:

1. The Animal Gateway:
Many of the issues, articles, campaigns, appeals and columns relating to animal welfare at Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal can be found at this gateway.

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2. The Environmental Gateway:
Many of the issues, articles, campaigns, appeals and columns relating to environment and conservation here at Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal can be found at this gateway
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3. The Humanitarian Gateway:
Many of the issues, articles, campaigns, appeals and columns relating to humanitarian issues at Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal can be found at this gateway.

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4. Good-Cause Support Pages:
Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal carefully select and then promote various important compassionate causes - animal, environmental and humanitarian - to give them much needed extra publicity and web exposure. Some of the featured good-cause support pages can be also sponsored by businesses and individuals.

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5. The Global Green Laws:
The concept of universal laws covering environmental, humanitarian and animal welfare across the planet may seem impossible to put into practice. But VeggieGlobal, through Looking-Glass, may just provide the ultimate path of passive but effective protest to make all world governments sit up, listen and surely respond to their citizens increasing concerns.

Planting the seeds to help landscape the ultimate utopian dream, VeggieGlobal introduces the Global Green Laws with informative introductions. 100,000 of your votes are waiting to make the difference.
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6. VoiceOver:
VoiceOver at began some years back. It was an area where we periodically presented an issue which called for your urgent and instant help. In those days, VoiceOver was extremely successful in its mission; with a minute of your Internet time and seven clicks of your mouse you could help save thousands; Animals, trees, oceans, marine life, natural environments, forests and people.
But things change, and now the internet has sporned thousands of petition sites and cross-post petitions. VeggieGlobal and Looking-Glass has since expanded to provide in-depth information and resources on issues we feel require your attention with a more pragmatic and informed approach. Therefore, VoiceOver has served its purpose at a time it was most needed and has now merged into the main vibe of VeggieGlobal and Looking-Glass.
Looking-Glass thanks the thousands of you who interacted with VoiceOver in those early days. If you would like to view highlights of some of the original VoiceOver Appeals
see here.

7. Crisis SOS International:
This section is currently closed.

8. Global Charities Directory:
This directory only lists charities which do not test on animals for their research and are not affiliated with any which do. This charity listing does not include charities related to self inflicted human health conditions.
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9. The Global Vegetarian Animal and Conservation Groups Directory:
This alternative area lists a wide range of reputable animal friendly groups which follow the prime directives set out by the directory.
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10. The Campaigns Satellite:
The main site where you can find many campaigns currently on-line around the Looking-Glass solar system.
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11. Looking-Glass News Post - (formerly Looking-Glass Global News):
The main news site for Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal mainly focussing on animal, environmental and humanitarian news stories. The Post is archived because even yesterdays news which affect the future of our planet shouldn't be forgotten.
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12. Global Directories Gateway:
An introduction gateway to the directories found at this retreat for global compassionates. You will find information about how the directories work and more detail about what kind of charities and groups we list.
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