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Looking-Glass ... art of compassion
Where imagination, style and wisdom merge

If this is your first visit to Looking-Glass and you would like to be introduced to the basic concept of this site then you are advised to start at the main reception area known as:
"The Homelands introduction pages".
Or alternatively please read:
"The Philanthropic Introduction to Looking-Glass".

The information on this page below iprovides you with the finer details of this web retreat's evolution - through an in-depth view of the Looking-Glass concept.

Looking-Glass imageBackground ... a Glance in the Mirror

With a unique approach in web site evolution. Looking-Glass has grown without any source of business capital investment. Detatched from the make and break web startup hype in the late 1990's, this web "retreat" was, and still is, an entirely new breed of web interation for the global internet community. It has grown organically right from the start, building on its own philosophy of natural harmonics.
In the same principle as an evolving solar system, Looking-Glass is establishing contrasting environments but which all gravitate towards deeper and refined natural thought ... mostly from a universal perspective.

The Looking-Glass author originally conceived the idea of this site in the mid 1990's , which would one day evolve into this retreat for global compassionates.
By mid 2001 the
Looking-Glass system was shaping itself sufficiently to begin visitor attraction. This was by means of modest search engine placement and thereafter through word of mouth. Today, it is visited by many searching spirits on a weekly basis, and even now, a majority only discover it by chance or through recommendation. The site is non-commercial, unfunded and non-profit.

The most important mission of these sites is to serve as a global wake-up call.

Looking-Glass regards itself as a web experience dedicated to the virtues of global compassion: This is an animal friendly zone - a web "solar system" projecting a strong conscience towards the environment. It's also committed to reporting and helping our visitors interact with humanitarian issues.
Most importantly,
Looking-Glass together with veggieglobal.com aims to bridge the gap from street-level and across to compassionate awareness within the natural world - the global biosphere in which we all exist.

On the top of most pages here you'll see a lighthouse icon. This is a link to a Looking-Glass area designed to trigger a "reality check" for everyone, regardless of creed, race or social style.

Although originating from the UK, this is a world-conscious web experience in every aspect.

Looking-Glass is like a Solar System
We recognize that once a visitor feels comfortable with a particular web environment
, she or he will prefer to make that their home base. We invite you to take your time... perhaps over days or weeks, and discover if this environment harmonizes with your own aspirations. Because
Looking-Glass is evolving like a solar system, there are planets and moons that support different activities; Planets that cover everything from vegetarian diet, philosophy and animal welfare to voting on world environmental issues.. Throughout its continuing evolution we aim to bring most facilities, which you may require from the web, all within easy reach from inside Looking-Glass.

We hope that you will find this an aesthetically pleasing environment.

We also provide easy parental guidance by dispaying a "pg" sign on pages which may require parental awareness. Read our guide "how to use Looking-Glass" (you will also find this link at the bottom of this page)

So... read on... first to find out about more things you can expect later on.... then to explore the many free activities, items and resources already provided here.

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What issues does Looking-Glass lifestyle focus on ?

Environment (conservation), Nature / Wildlife and Animal Welfare

Directing green links, comments and concerns with relevant organizations and charities around the world. Here's just a couple of Looking-Glass of information bites you'll find around the sites:

"The number of animals killed for food in 1998 was 43.2 BILLION (those figures exclude some smaller countries)"

"At current growth the effects of deforestation, industrial and commercial exploitation and population expansion means the planet reaches a saturation point in the next 20 years. After which time the earth, (worldwide) . . . will become increasingly incapable of naturally sustaining long-term life-forms . . . yes, as a human being that also means you!"

The major Looking-Glass satellite site veggieglobal.com is the place to find out more.

Philosophy and Humanitarianism

A philosophy and forum which is intellectually un-contrived and easily absorbed. In Looking-Glass you won't find questions as you might do on the chat channels such as: "Are we just a tea leaf in a tea bag in the teapot of the universe? . . . discuss.
The truth is, there is only as much of an answer as we (as tiny tea leaves in this universe) can comprehend!
However, in Looking Glass some ideas will raise curious (and even more curious) possibilities. These are based on natural realisation and not through religion, blind influence ... or blinding psychobabble. Looking-Glass lays out discussions at the same time as it explores possible solutions along with interaction.

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Looking-Glass imageWho does Looking-Glass appeal to ?

Looking-Glass and its satellite sites such as VeggieGlobal embrace many ecological, compassionate and cultural issues on a global level aimed at a global Internet community. Environmental, animal welfare, philosophical, art, music and literary subjects are all combined, bringing sensitive issues closer to the worlds mainstream.
Integrating compassion into mainstream lifestyles is a difficult task, but Looking-Glass aims to respond and empathise, because we consider the philosophy and the substance of this site of prime importance.
Looking-Glass has a very organic feel about it and intends to reflect a strong spirit of compassion. But we also manage to blend in other services without becoming diverse. The idea that more cultivated, soul searching surfers seeking philosophy and personal development can share a common ground here, and different subjects link logically and seamlessly when exploring the site.
When launched in the 1990's Looking-Glass was and still is the pioneer of this type of web concept, created to build bridges between those aware of planetary deterioration and an otherwise self absorbed, 21st century society. The sites also aim to tap into the subconscious of a society which typically displays ever-decreasing attention spans; demanding cutting edge, brain-dead entertainment on tap. Looking-Glass wants to help inject a sense of compassion and raised consciousness into self-centered consumer generations.
Our site VeggieGlobal.com has helped turn many thousands of people into responsible vegetarians without preaching or pressure. This one of our most important achievements and we hope to continue to encourage the world to turn towards a cruelty-free lifestyle for many years to come.

Looking-Glass says ...

"outweighed environmental and animal welfare groups are evaluated as side-stream concerns, even on the web. Therefore such interrelated atrocities end up as un-repeated space fillers in the news. Looking-Glass believes that the media's whimsical approach rubs off on society and so challenges the viewpoint of who should be taking charge of a 21st century Earth. The next hundred years is the turn of the caring organizations to become the focus of a new global business force. The natural planet needs saving, not suffocated by an apathetic, plastic-big-mac culture".

The protests at the '99 World Trade Fair organization in Seattle USA, and many other protests since give a clear indication that a shift within main business infrastructure towards environmental considerations is dangerously overdue.
So, by drawing the interests of web surfers looking for style and entertainment, Looking-Glass intends to seamlessly introduce you to environmental organizations linked to the site. Providing a portal between centered lifestyles and outward concern, such as through Veggieglobal.com. We hope to begin to make differences.

Are You a Rainbow?

As this dimension continues to grow it will embrace many issues that concern us all in some way . . . Things which you may not realize touch your life subconsciously . . . and which could, in a very real sense affect your future.

Away from the everyday environment around you, Looking-Glass also helps to guide you towards understanding the natural harmonics which run throughout this and all universes. Tuning into your extended consciousness can help you deal with much that is thrown at you throughout your life. Many millions find life's journey to be a minefield of unexpected shocks and surprises, either with or (more commonly than ever) without companionship. The natural harmonics as defined by Looking-Glass, may just help you examine and deal with many of these anxieties.

The Looking-Glass retreat is a place for:

  • Those who want to feel they can be themselves - an unthreatening atmosphere where they can find sanctuary and release for their inner emotions, discover who they might be without the effects or stifling influence of their everyday lifestyle.
  • Individuals who search for a place that is able to mirror their view of life, which they have found impossible to put into words or share with others.
  • Those with a (perhaps dormant) sense of imagination which needs rekindling.
  • Those who may have already experienced something that has precipitated some meaning of life - and wish to share their awareness with like-minded others - or those who are "soul searching".
  • Those with a (perhaps dormant) concern for their environment, the planet and its creatures but who require a convenient Internet doorway. (Through the activities in Looking-Glass and Veggieglobal you could easily become a Global Compassionate)

The Looking-Glass retreat is a place for people who know better... and for people who could.

Of course Looking-Glass is no place for decadence, immorality, deception, self-righteousness, arrogance, spite, antagonism, sh*t-stirring or conceit . . . phew! . . . But it's surprising how many millions out there are living their lives oblivious to the fact that they might actually convey the elements of one, some or all of the above! There are discussions and formulas relating to "who we are" in Looking-Glass. So if, whether you realise it or not, you are one (or some) of the above (but you wouldn't have bothered reading this far if you were that completely self-absorbed), then perhaps you are subconsciously curious about exploring ways to change your outlook and to anesthetize the undesirable elements of your character.
So . . . you ask . . . would that be in a way that is painless, non confrontational and gently effective?...
Yes and no . . .
Don't think that means this a place to temporarily purge yourself, only to return to your daily life and carry on your nonsense! The anonymity of this web retreat means you are not confronted or reproached by other physical beings, which means you can allow yourself to absorb the suggestions and information fairly painlessly. But you will encounter discussions, that question behaviors of cruelty and ignorance, perhaps striking on familiarities within or around your own life.
That, you simply have to face; to accept your faults and improve yourself, which means swallowing your pride - and then a solution may be easier to digest than you ever thought possible.

It is important to realize that Looking-Glass is not a religious, politically oriented or commercially driven experience. It is somewhere for you to explore solutions - From finding inner peace and enjoyment to making outward differences towards the planet's well-being - Sharing cultural, philanthropic, existential and creative interests ... all in a thoughtful and stylish way.

There are already hundreds of pages here for you to browse containing fascinating facts and interaction, much of it linked to and global compassion and some to the Looking-Glass philosophy, which you can absorb whenever it suits you. But there are also really useful resources - from self-reevaluation sections to dietary tables, vegetarian, animal and humanitarian issues.

Please return to this site frequently ... it is continualy evolving.
It is our intention to open a way through to the unique Dreambeat dimension sometime in the future. It will be an extremely easy place to find your way round . . . not pages full of never-ending links to get lost in. Bookmark Looking-Glass and we will keep you up to date with developments.

Think about it.

Describing the Looking-Glass naturally brings to mind Wonderland, Narnia and similar dreamlike environments; literal descriptions anchored to the physical world. Yes, Alice may fleetingly appear in the Looking-Glass dimension but it is your own growing awareness of universal consciousness that will create your dreamscape. Looking-Glass is the window - and your mouse the vehicle, but you provide the energy that can turn such dreams into reality ... and what energy you expend will return, soul-enriched.
Discover, absorb and put into practice a natural state of mind which we strive to make common place on the next plain of human evolution.

As lifestyles of the world's affluent populations appear to become more assimilated and predetermined - where everything has a commercial tag to it, Looking Glass should allow you to break through that shell of pseudo-autonomy . . .

The Stereotypical Aspects of Society

a) Those who actively take part helping to improve their environment / animals / environment in a positive and effective way (being a minority of people from all casts, classes and circumstances)

b) Those who actively take part helping to improve their environment or help animal welfare issues in a sanctimonious way ... mainly to gain kudos for themselves, but none-the-less getting the message across anyway.

c) Those who express concern but don't have the motivation to act (being persons either too comfortably well-off or falsely sincere)

d) Those unaware to the facts, generally through lack of inspired education - and through no fault of their own - normally the effects of the social habitat they are brought up in (which includes parental ignorance).

e) Those who who are too complacent or wrapped up in themselves to care (usually the cosy, decadent or affluent majority).

f) The other majority who say: "I'll just seem like a pedantic nerd if I start jabbering on about environment and philosophy"...I won't be around when it happens anyway"..."what's the point we're all gonna die anyway"...."None of my friends bother so why should I ?"....

g) The fanatics and self-righteous who unbalance a positive cause with politically angst extremities or personal vengeance.

h) Sheer, bigoted ignorance. (Another majority?)

NOTE: Statistics have shown that the poor and less fortunate are more inclined to consider their environment and donate to charities.

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Harmonics - In search for the lost chord
(Deeper through the Looking-Glass and exploring extended consciousness)

Concern and action towards improving our planet's qualities should no longer be just a talking point at a dinner party (forgotten by the following day). The state of the planet's health in the 21st century means the majority have to realise there's no more time to differentiate between those who care and those who don't.... Acclimatising to the effects of global mismanagement, e.g."dumbing down" only creates further decline.
Reversing the damage is a major task, but this should and can be done with evolved thinking - by realizing a natural harmonic which pulsates and rings within all nature and wisdom.
Looking-Glass sets out to re-tune the discord ... from apathy to active compassion.

Pace yourself.
Search for the genuine you without feeling isolated . . . tune into an ageless, natural pulse ... the natural, universal harmonic.

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Looking-Glass imageLooking-Glass Global News

Stories for those who embrace a conscientious lifestyle. Here you'll find articles which the media otherwise set aside far too quickly.

Take a look at this well balanced source of information.

Looking-Glass Global News


What future activities will I hope to find at Looking-Glass?

Philosophical anecdotes at WISDOM FALLS.


Leave or read dreams and interpretations at The DREAMING TREE (currently closed due to spam abuse)

Passage to Looking-Glass areas about the planets health at The LIGHTHOUSE.

Near-wonderlands-around-planet-earth listing on the SEARIDE.

Leave or read poems in POETS WOOD.

Leave your essay in the TIME CAPSULE . . . (currently closed due to spam abuse)

Leave your sorrows or shed light on the sorrows of others in the SHADOWLANDS.

Other interactive surprises.

Info and links to various global green organizations and charities.

For those who want to find answers and reassurance, there will be an extremely useful forum at the many Gardens of Light in the Shadowlands. Choose from a list scenarios that fit close to your own experience and share and receive anecdotes between others who have suffered similar experiences. You can always remain anonymous within these forums. Most importantly there will be scenarios that are applicable to people from every walk of life . . . from Joe Public to media megastars.

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Looking-Glass imageveggieglobal.com

veggieglobal.com is a major Looking-Glass satellite site and a natural stopover for all Global Compassionates. There are various issues discussed at veggieglobal.com from animal welfare to humanitarian crisis... and of course the environment.
veggieglobal.com brings vegetarianism and animal welfare far closer to mainstream interests than any other vegetarian environ. As with the rest of Looking-Glass, the VeggieGlobal site menu is vast ... but here are just a few highlights:

You can give yourself a health and diet check up with our easy read nutrition site.

Find vegetarian, animal and conservation groups and charities around the world.

Go to veggieglobal

The GGL's

At veggieglobal.com , anyone from around the world can interact with the primary issues which are now having a devastating effect on our planet.
With the Global Green Laws we aim to generate a global vote from as many of you as possible.
Based on each proposal you will find information across the GGL pages. You can then vote on as many of the proposals as you like by a simple click.
When each of the GGL votes has reached 100,000, veggieglobal.com will present the relevant organizations with a CD ROM petition containing all of your votes. We will keep on doing this for each set of 100,000 votes which have been registered at veggieglobal.com. This is a unique chance for all you "global compassionates" to make a real difference. It is also a great educational interactivity for children. This could be the largest global vote ever. Make yours count!
Find out more ...

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Good-Cause Support Programmes & Global Directories

Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal carefully select and then promote various important compassionate causes - animal, environmental and humanitarian - to give them much needed extra publicity and web exposure.
More ...

If you are a registered charity, which fits our criteria you can send your details to be considered for the Global Charities Directory.
More ...

If you are a non-registered animal, vegetarian, or conservation group that fits our criteria you can send your details to be considered for the Global Veggie Animal and Conservation Groups Directory.
More ...

The Lost and Found Animals Network (LaFAN) has been created to enable anyone to quickly find or report a lost animal. As with all Looking-Glass services this is free for participating organizations and our site visitors.
More ...

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