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A Philanthropic Introduction to the Looking-Glass Web retreat

The original preview of was quietly launched at 00.01 GMT on the 1st January 2000, with a purpose to ensure that a gateway of hope would always remain open for our future.
For a few short moments in earth's human history, millennium fever heightened moral senses as humanity aspired towards more natural paths to help extend those emotions; feelings of hope, peace, sharing and global repair.
But apathy soon set in again spawning even more demons, feeding off our self-centeredness, recklessness, misjudgement and mistrust ... and the irony is that the stability and survival of this planet in a new millennium has become even more fragile, so aspirations and resolutions are needed now more than ever.
If there are ways to encourage such aspirations, Looking-Glass provides the foundation to help develop and discover them.
But first we need to summarize the current plane of evolution which humanity currently interacts with. This is so that we know how to lift ourselves to a higher level with a clear emphasis on "harmonic consciousness" - a prime instinct, which humanity needs to develop pretty soon if it is ever going to survive and live in complete unity with Earth and all that inhabits it.

Earth in Collision (extract) © *

"With politics, business and religion spiraling into a free-for-all melt-down, our millennial dreams of a long-term caring utopia have been replaced with short-term, agressive objectives. It' s the era of intrusion and dumbing-down, and it's the gathering of indocile paradoxical cultures, whose sole purpose is to over-consume, win votes or win wars.
Humanity, along with the planet we consume, has reached saturation point and our response is self-perpetuating destruction; an escape mode for when it seems there's no reason to learn anything different or to understand from a different viewpoint - when there's no way out, no hope or no reason to care. And with blinkers on, we take whatever we can and make the most of it before it's too late. We usually continue with this abstract trait until our untimely death.
This behaviour envelopes not only less intelligent modes of society, but an array of lifestyles. It grows through conformity, personal complexes, self-indulgence, self-righteousness and conceitedness. It's accentuated through the delusion of control over others, xenophobia, misguided religion and parochial attitudes.
The less we care about developing connections both with nature and other people, and bury our head into apps, Facebook and Twitter world, we transpose the responsibility of our actions into into a meaning so irrelevant that our relationship with the physical world around us .. and other people becomes transitory to the extreme.
But is there a way to reverse global meltdown? And if so, does that mean there is a way to stop humanity from "dumbing-down"? ... Which comes first?"

Tired of dumbing down? ... evolve

This web retreat's mission is to introduce a natural consciousness of global compassion. It crafts methods to establish a heightened sense of morality, which can blend seamlessly into a 21st century lifestyle.
Looking-Glass and its major sister site is still a place to plant the seeds of your millennial wishes each and every year ... and help them to grow wisely and interdependently with all aspects of your environment - for the sake of earth's future.
It doesn't need environmental gurus or a convention of scientists to prove that the world has reached saturation or "tipping" point. Anyone with an intuitive mind could see this happening many years back. But the world, in its rush to consume and "develop" has had no time to listen to such remote warning cries, and instead have chosen to wait until it's too late to reverse many facets of environmental destruction now taking place. Conventional science, governments and therefore people need to feel the deepest cut before they respond. Irrational thinking perhaps, but there is always hope that humankind will do all it now can to help reverse or at least slow down the inevitable. Around Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal you may find yourself picking up flavours of inpiration that could help you to reflect, and maybe adjust your lifestyle to accomodate new ways to interact with your homeworld. Create your own mini-missions to heal the planet. Apart from its philosophy of positive healing and philanthropic mission to spread compassionate awareness, Looking-Glass bridges the social networking mainstream with the natural world; covering animal, environmental, and humanitarian concerns.
Most importantly, Looking-Glass, combined with VeggieGlobal, provides a platform to introduce the mainstream to smaller, lesser-known groups who have devoted their lives to heal, provide shelter and give hope - you can interact and help these champions of compassion from the comfort of your computer.
In fact, the Looking-Glass experience invites you to interact on different levels - whichever suits you - depending on your mood and how much time you have during your visit to this web retreat.
But while you are urged to relax and take solace here, you are also prompted, from time to time, to review your life's purpose; to purge any self-denials, prejudices and short-sightedness ... You are encouraged to reflect and procure a life resolution - your very own prime-directive - to explore your future as a "Global Compassionate".
The beginning of your journey at Looking-Glass is reflective of your real world, but through the mirror you can journey ever outward - and inward - to explore new ethical horizons and perhaps to understand, absorb and accept more in a way you might never usually allow yourself. On your return, introduce those soul-enriching elements that you have found in Looking-Glass into your everyday life.
There is absolutely nothing religious or politically biased about Looking-Glass - just common - and uncommon sense on a universal scale. Being a source provider of self-realization - Looking-Glass projects an ethereal quality, but with the more pragmatic view and substance that avoids the pretence of new-age psychobabble or contrived art-speak. Academic jargon is also kept to a minimum but an ambience of fun and euphoria gently drifts throughout the sites while still accomplishing an intelligent and fascinating insight towards anthropological and existential subjects.
Above all, Looking-Glass aids to harmonically align many human traits between all creeds, races and social fashions.
The Dreambeat ensures the view of a clear path of universal harmony and peace between ALL ...

... human to human - human to animal - human to all nature...

What you will also find here are questions, answers, suggestions, inspirations and fulfilling activities - intelligible and distinctive from the commercial shallowness found on much of the internet. Looking-Glass incorporates a cultural environment of an instinctive quality - and by gathering the most naturally balanced elements of human understanding ... and perhaps much further ... it aims to define a meaning of life that helps you build your dreams and emotions into a manageable structure. A place where you can root and grow, tuned to the natural harmonics which run throughout and beyond ALL universes ...

Looking-Glass ... the art of compassion
*Earth in Collision" ~ John O'Donnell ©2004



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