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A PHILANTHROPIC INTRODUCTION TO LOOKING-GLASSThe Lighthouse. An enlightening landmark, guiding passage to important issues around Looking-Glass Looking-Glass Homelands reception. Click on this house if you ever get lost.
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Making the most of Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal

Please take a few minutes to read through this page. Understanding how the Looking-Glass "solar system" works means you are prepared for an easy and safe journey around the coolest, most fascinating, compassionate web environment... beyond cyberspace!



Some announcements.

Access to all information in all areas of the Looking-Glass is free..


Gateways are pages which lead you to links related to a specific subject - like "Animal Gateway", "Humanitarian Gateway" or" Environmental Gateway" etc...

Global News
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VeggieGlobal also has it's own contents and menu page.
VeggieGlobal is a huge web site in itself, as well as being integrated and cross-linked with the nucleus of Looking-Glass.



The "labyrinth map" is an A to Z pathway list based on categories. Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal cannot afford to have a full cross-site search engine at the moment.

What's this? Looking-Glass Homelands reception. Click on this house if you ever get lost.

This is the Looking-Glass House. If you do get lost just click on the house button, which you'll find on the top right hand of almost every page within the Looking-Glass main site. The house button brings you back to the Looking-Glass Homelands Reception (the main editorial / contents page where you can select normal "in frame" planets and moons and everything else in the solar system! In VeggieGlobal just use the labyrinth link on the top bar to get to Looking-Glass and a category list, (or just click back to the front menu page of VeggieGlobal by clicking on the flowers logo on the top of every page of www.veggieglobal.com.)

What's this?The Lighthouse. An enlightening landmark, guiding passage to important issues around Looking-Glass

This is the Lighthouse... a landmark feature inside the Dreambeat Dimension. (you can find out about the dimension on the Looking-Glass in detail pages) The Lighthouse provides a swift passage to the important issues which require attention and interaction through your own compassionate motivation. You'll find the Lighthouse at the top of most pages at Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal.


Looking-Glass is the only web system to provide clear, graphical warning about any aspect which may require supervision or permission of parents and guardians. Nearly all of the Looking-Glass solar system is suitable for children, but where caution is recommended a (PG) sign is placed next to any links which follow through to a page that requires parental guidance. The sign is also displayed clearly on the actual page next to the title. More pg signs are primarily displayed in the chat rooms as well as next to all links which lead to chat rooms.
Although we don't expect Looking-Glass chat rooms to attract undesirables, we feel it is better to point out the potential dangers of using such forms of communication on the Internet. So, if you see your child viewing a page with the
sign displayed near the top left of the screen, then it is at your discretion as a parent to act accordingly. Elsewhere on Looking-Glass, any odd "colourful" words in the text will be entirely relevant to the subject matter and not written without careful consideration. If there are however, any pages that may be subject to parental guidance we will display the sign there also.

The Subscription Forms
There is an age limit on the sites subscription forms. If your child is under 16 and wishes to subscribe to the sites, parents are asked to fill the forms on their behalf. This is just a double safety measure. Although all subscription details remain secure and never passed to third parties this extra precaution means that your child's identity is safe.
VeggieGlobal Free Subscription Form
Looking-Glass Free Subscription Form


The Looking-Glass Solar System is almost entirely "organic" in its web structure, (in other words the pages are individually created by human hands rather than script automation) Our links are therefore hand "written". Although we are proud to say that all our links work almost 100% of the time, there is always a slight margin for error when updating this 3000 plus-page web experience (and rising!). If you come across a link which doesn't seem to open a page as it should do, please contact us with a description of the page and about the link that's misbehaving! Your feedback is most appreciated. We want to ensure that the Looking-Glass solar system becomes your most reliable site on the web as well as your classic wonderland of peace, compassion quality and style... a dimension away from the Internet rush hour!


Is this your "favorite" site or your "favourite" site?!...
A word about Anglo-Americanisms.

To the horror of traditional English language purists, the Internet is converging English into a cocktail of cross-Atlantic spellings. In true nonpolitical form, Looking-Glass takes the mid Atlantic option and uses both American and Anglo spellings throughout its editorials... It seems the fairest and most practical way to keep everyone happy! By the way, did you know that the site's spelling of "Looking-Glass" with the hyphen is the correct historical spelling... so don't get confused with any other looking-glass sites on the web with incorrect spellings! And remember, we are www.looking-glass.co.uk (and www.veggieglobal.com) but we are not "looking-glass.com".


Now read the guided introduction to Looking-Glass, its future... and perhaps yours

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