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The Gift of Light in Nepal
Smiling children after a solar energy system is installed in their village
Smiling children after a solar energy system is installed in their village

Solar power provides hope and self worth

Swogun means "very special gift" but it's also an abbreviation for the "Society of Women Guidelines Nepal" who are indeed providing a special gift for the poor in remote areas of their country.
Swogun are helping to improve living standards through various environmentally friendly ways, including their main mission which is to provide solar power for remote villages, schools and libraries.

Swogun's practical solution

Swogun's philosophy is wise and practical and they say:
"One is responsible for keeping and improving his or her own home. Help will be accepted but one should not be dependable on others good will".
For this reason, Swogun conduct training and seminars to teach the beneficiaries of their organization how to be self-sufficient, helping women to develop or expand needlework and other skills into the evening, work which can earn them a supportable income.
The solar energy systems can even run videos and TV in community halls to show villagers awareness programmes on health, economical development and vocational training.

This sums up to providing reliable, environmentally friendly and sustainable electric power sources, which can be run at very low cost, for maximum benefit.

A solar panel being installed by Swogun
A solar panel being installed by Swogun on the roof of a highschool in the Nepalese district of Nuwakot

Looking-Glass & VeggieGlobal believe that Swogun's solar energy project is a very well balanced idea, and most importantly this program has an environmental theme. While dramatically improving a quality of life, this kind of charity can encourage ethnic cultures to remain independent. This is because such projects integrate tradition with modern, sustainable technology through which benefits can be reaped without environmental damage.
As we are working closely with Swogun to help them develop the exposure they need for their charitable needs, Looking-Glass will keep you updated with latest news.

Solar energy systems are acquired through donation and volunteer programs and Swogun offer a reciprocal package which benefits the needy of Nepal but also gives the volunteer / donor a hands on cultural experience as well.

Swogun are in urgent need of sponsors and volunteers for their solar energy systems as well as their other volunteer programmes.

More About Swogun and their Volunteer Programmes:

Swogun Nepal began 1999 as a non-governmental social organization though the joint efforts of young and energetic people from the office of the District Administration of Kathmandu as well as from the Social Welfare Council.
Swogun's main objective is to solve the growing problem of Nepal by empowering youth, women, local clubs, schools, village development committees and co-operatives with skills and ways to enhance their social development. Swogun also works with other NGOs and INGOs, who assist them in these huge projects. At present, Swogun has 7 founder members, 22 executive members, 52 members, and national and international advisers.
Nepal itself is a beautiful country, but in global terms, it is still severely impoverished. With limited basic needs and its fragmented social infrastructure, it's still one of the most underdeveloped countries in the world, where many Nepalese are still deprived of electricity, health education, environmental awareness, clean drinking water and education.
Moreover, most people are still untrained and unskilled on any practical level. Although it's an uphill struggle, Swogun is dedicated to achieving positive results. They are striving to bring Nepal up to a social standard that will encourage self-worth amongst its citizens by providing basic needs and education. This is the key to their success.

Main Volunteer Programmes at Swogun are:

Solar Aid Programme Solar Aid Programme
Swogun's Solar Aid volunteer program has been running successfully over the last few years. Its ultimate mission is to provide renewable energy for rural communities in Nepal. Swogun's Solar Aid volunteers install solar home systems in rural communities, libraries, health posts etc. After installation, training is provided to ensure that users can take proper advantage of having light after sunset. This includes the teaching of income generating skills; like weaving, carpet making, etc. helping the villagers to become self-sufficient.
Health Concern Health Concern Volunteers
The people of people Nepal are suffering avoidable illnesses. There is an average of one doctor for about 13000 Nepalese.
With lack of time and resources, Nepalese doctors are simply unable to treat all these people.
Swogun's Health Concern Program helps Nepalese doctors, nurses and medical staff by providing professional health volunteers to help them and to also keep patients happy through stimulating faster recovery.
Environmental Protection Volunteers Environmental Protection Volunteers
Swogun Nepal is looking for volunteers to educate public and private/government school students about Nepalese and global environmental issues. Volunteers should clearly have an outgoing personality and a strong wish to protect the environment. Swogun's mission is to provide environmentally-friendly resource-related services to the people of Nepal. We are in contact with more than 50 government/private schools, public health posts and "picnic parks" from different parts of the country. Through this network we are trying to educate citizens the importance of environmental protection, cleanliness and safety.
English Teaching English Teaching Volunteers
If you're a native English speaker and a teacher, you can provide a much needed resource in the village Schools of Nepal. You can teach conversational English. You don't need to know the Nepalese language and the methods of the local school teaching. All you need is interest and a deep desire to teach English to young students. More and more, English language skills have become vital to success in almost any profession in Nepal. Many students in Nepalese communities study English, but few have the chance to practice with native English speakers so it's pretty hard for them to improve. Swogun hopes that its English Teaching Volunteer program can help students grasp basic English which can provide more security for their future vocations.
Nature Photo Journalism Volunteers Nature Photo Journalism Volunteers
Journalism and the media is a growing area in Nepal. The country has 10 TV channels, around 15 radio stations and 100s of daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazine. So, why not take the opportunity, via Swogun, to become a nature photo-journalist? If you are interested in nature photo-journalism, then working with Swogun and through to the media could be a rewarding adventure. Swogun are now offering volunteer opportunities. While working with journalists and producers in Nepal, this is an ideal opportunity to extend your work experience.

How You Can Help

In Swogun's own words:
"We ask you to join our group by providing the means that will allow us to continue improving the quality of life in rural areas of Nepal.
The usual cost of one electric solar system, its installation and six months handicraft manufacturing training is $480.00 USD.
Please contact us and become a sponsor of our organization... help us to help"

If you are motivated and willing to socialize, you are welcome to participate in Swogun's Volunteers program. The program is designed to provide you with first-hand experience of Nepalese culture and its social welfare. Your contribution could help to greatly improve the lifestyle of one or more families and communities.

Requirments for Volunteers:

For any type of volunteering, volunteers have to donate as an administrative fee USD 150; this contribution will help to make Swogun Nepal, a sustainable organization
For any type of volunteering, volunteers have to pay USD 120 monthly for accommodation with a Nepalese host family, which includes three meals a day

Desirable Credentials For Volunteers:

  • Computer literacy (familiar with Internet, MS Word, and Outlook) Minimum college level pass
  • Able to dedicate at least one month for work
  • Experienced - working with Renewable energy [For "Solar Aid" Volunteers] Doctors, nurses, medical students, or hospital employees [For "Health Concern" Volunteers]
  • Environment engineers or working with environmental / conservation issues [For " Environmental Protection" Volunteers]
  • Knowledge of finance, project designing and fundraising
  • Knowledge of writing proposals, project monitoring and report writing Some journalistic experience for those interested in Nature and Photo-Journalism.
  • Teachers must provide teaching qualification certificates and references.

Swogun Nepal contact details are:

P.O.Box : 10167, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: (+Nepal code from your country) 362 505

If you feel that this page has provided you with useful information and would like to become a private or business sponsor of this page to help both Swogun and Looking-Glass find out more here.

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