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A PHILANTHROPIC INTRODUCTION TO LOOKING-GLASSThe Lighthouse. An enlightening landmark, guiding passage to important issues around Looking-Glass Looking-Glass Homelands reception. Click on this house if you ever get lost.

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Well-Being Gateway

"True well-being can be achieved through what you give out to the world - the unconditional virtue of compassion" - Looking-Glass

Well-Being at Looking-Glass doesn't consider "self" improvement as its primary focus. The Looking-Glass definition of well-being is mainly about how you outwardly project your life mission; your view of the world outside own body and to what extent you care about the Earth on which you live and breath.
Helping to nurture the planet back into good health will automatically bring benefits to you ... because the positive energy you give out will return to you. The transparent effect of such a compassionate endeavour is that you'll be rewarded with a clear inner conscience and ultimately a healthier journey through your life ... inwardly and outwardly. That's the true harmonics of well-being.
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"Compassionate vegetarianism is not just an inner-cleansing exercise. Its rationale should extend outside the body - by engaging in the active healing and protection of every precious, living thing within the world's biosphere.

Therefore, achieving the true harmonic of peace and well-being must be far further reaching than simply moving the furniture around, meditatively chanting or knocking back a seaweed and banana smoothie."

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Are you reflecting?

It is important to realize that Looking-Glass is not a religious, politically oriented or commercially driven experience. It is somewhere for you to explore solutions - From finding inner peace and enjoyment to making outward differences towards the planet's well-being - Sharing cultural, philanthropic, existential and creative interests ... all in a thoughtful, stylish and easily absorbed way.

Here are some examples:

Dreams as self-healing therapy

Sleep, and therefore dreams are an essential ingredient to maintaining a naturally balanced, self-healing life. This is because what we experience within the dream-state is the counterbalance needed to maintain a healthy psychological outlook in our waking hours. This may seem illogical for those who suffer from frequent nightmares or repetitious dreams that give vivid reminders of emotional turmoil. In those times, dreams can feel that they are causing more anxiety than alleviating it. But because we are able to assemble familiar imagery and scenarios in a dreamstate - whether subliminally or not - unsettling dreams should be regarded only as an "event induced" predisposition. This is because we bring all manifestations and metaphors - whether happy or unpleasant - into a dreamscape from our physical, waking world. Here they become integral to the way we recall the imagery in a dream. Therefore it's conceivable that you can use your dreams to take control of your emotions and to actively repel those negative manifestations. If you can do this then you will be making effective progress in dealing with the trauma or anxieties in your everyday life.
From ... the Dreaming Tree


Your Ascension To A Naturally Aspired Lifestyle

You already may consider yourself environmentally aware - you may already be vegetarian and you may eat and live "organically". But are these actions derived or contrived through fads and fashion?... Do you actually have an organic personality?!
You must imagine rooting yourself into this Earth. Like a baby is pacified by its mother's heartbeat, humankind must finally listen and respond to the fading pulse of mother Earth. This way you can grow intellectually, intuitively and empathetically. Regardless of fads and fashions you can be consistently tuned to the natural harmonics of the universe, and in turn help not only bring this planet back to life, but change humanity's role from parasites into planetary gardeners.

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Lost in the Tapestry of Life? ... Try This

On a warm, totally clear dark night, find a hill away from the glare and sound of the city. Climb to the top and lie down facing the stars. Now look deep into the sky and allow your eyes to adjust... as thousands of stars come into view. Imagine those luminary specks, not as stars, but as little round open doorways in the far distance. The twinkling light which you see shining through those doorways is from one single brilliant source... a Universe of completeness... the home of the pure conscience, the senses ... your soul...(your wonderland).

This metaphrasing describes how so many millions of people generally live that far apart from their inner consciousness. Between you and those tiny openings of light is an empty void... a blackness - a universe of your unexplored, and hence uneducated self awareness. Your choice, or not, is to travel across this void to reach any of those doorways...
Sounds spooky and lonely? Well it's not. There are beautiful paths that you can find leading you to these lights. They are as wide as the Earth itself, with forests rivers, seas and mountains, pleasure gardens, palaces of knowledge, cottages of delight - a biodiversity of nature - wildlife and animals everywhere. On these paths blows a warm, therapeutical breeze from the direction of the "soul" bringing you contentment. And the breeze resonates a harmonic, bringing a feeling of esteem, as it dissipates any bad vibrations into the void.

What you change about your everyday life on what the Dreambeat calls the Mantle (the common layer of everyday humanity on this planet) will determine how you discover these paths. Whether it be an exploration towards compassion, morality or higher wisdom. Or even a total reevaluation of your human and vocational associations - however close - who you may feel are essentially bad news for your karma.

So turn to the looking-glass try to see yourself as you would rather be, not the person you act when with others or the sufferer (or even the giver) of oppression. Look through the exterior of your personality and through the bottleneck of your anxieties. And if then, there is a purity within you, your breathing will relax, warmth will encircle you and your reflection will begin to resonate as a pure harmonic. If that chord is struck, only then will your path become visible to you.
From ... The Dreambeat Harmonics


A journey through the social web of vegetarianism and animal compassion

Aspects of have been involved in programs and issues covering animal welfare, vegetarianism and conservation on all kinds of interactive levels; observing viewpoints, habits and behaviour amongst those involved. This has helped build a profile on what's out there in the land of lentils and sun-dried tomatoes, where those wonderful torch-laden oddballs help toads across the road at midnight!
And as our main site introduction suggests, the stereotypical image of a lentil-bound ageing hippy dancing bare-bottomed round a tree has long been overshadowed by the draw of future trends. Modern day vegetarianism may stem from some social aspects of the Flower-Power generation - but vegetarianism is now integral to many societies, incorporating a far wider cultural mix than ever.

From... Cow to Clown


... a human's natural dietary requirement may be considered a lost harmonic for many, particularly in the western world.

As the health conscious amongst us forage around the supermarket shelves for non GM and additive free products, there is otherwise little mental dialogue with our own psyche. We need to establish what our bodies nutritionally need, by rekindling and listening to our instincts. Abiding by some trendy diet regime doesn't constitute an understanding of our natural lifeforce, which empathizes with its counterpart - our human mechanics.

What makes up a healthy diet is revised almost annually. The search for the perfectly balanced elixir of a long, fit and disease free life provides lucrative returns for researchers and food manufacturers world wide. There will always be someone reaching for the ultimate... and whoever makes the first life prolonging, body-shaping chocolate bar will be very rich!

From both ends of the social spectrum, true natural dietary balance may have become a lost sense of purpose. It's now distorted by social upbringing and lifestyle pressures. That is why many of us find it very hard to choose the right mixtures of healthy food, and still make eating an enjoyable pleasure. We simply depend on manufacturers to provide taste-enhancing, quick-fix packages to fill our needs. Many of us are confused or oblivious as to what constitutes a well balanced food intake. But many of us also assume that everything we buy from a supermarket, or even our health food shop is an assemblage of nutrients automatically containing the essential sustenance of life ...
... That, of course is shortsighted.

From... The Harmonics of a Natural Diet


Are You a Rainbow?

As this Looking-Glass dimension continues to grow it will embrace many issues that concern us all in some way . . . Things which you may not realize touch your life subconsciously . . . and which could, in a very real sense affect your future.
Away from the everyday environment around you, this retreat and its philosophy can also help to guide you towards understanding the natural harmonics which run throughout this and all universes. Tuning into your extended consciousness can help you deal with much that is thrown at you throughout your life. Many millions find life's journey to be a minefield of unexpected shocks and surprises, either with or (more commonly than ever) without companionship.
The natural harmonics which we call the Dreambeat, may just help you examine and deal with many of these anxieties. The Looking-Glass retreat is a place for:
Those who want to feel they can be themselves - an unthreatening atmosphere where they can find sanctuary and release for their inner emotions, discover who they might be without the effects or stifling influence of their everyday lifestyle.
Individuals who search for a place that is able to mirror their view of life, which they have found impossible to put into words or share with others.
Those with a (perhaps dormant) sense of imagination which needs rekindling.
Those who may have already experienced something that has precipitated some meaning of life - and wish to share their awareness with like-minded others - or those who are "soul searching".
Those with a (perhaps dormant) concern for their environment, the planet and its creatures but who require a convenient Internet doorway.

From... Looking-Glass in Detail

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Looking-Glass ... the art of compassion
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