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Looking-Glass Campaigns Gateway reflecting on an inharmonious planet


Ban The Bang!
Wildlife is being literally frightened to death. Looking Glass and VeggieGlobal's popular campaign to ban the public sale of loud fireworks is here online.
To "V" or not to "V", that is the confusion
The Looking-Glass / VeggieGlobal investigation on food products labelled suitable for vegetarians. Are all veggie labelled foods totally meat free? Vote for an "ethical clarity" labelling system applying to all foods and products, which shows whether or not they are meat free, organic, or tested on animals etc.

Find out about these and more campaigns and appeals through the
Looking-Glass Campaigns Gateway


through to the Animal Gateway reflecting on an animal's planet


Mistreatment, rescuing and rehabilitation of wild animals.
Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal support for wild animal rehabilitation, rescue and habitat preservation covers every creature on the planet from rain forest creatures to ocean dwellers and everything in-between.
Think About Fur
A new generation of fashion followers are buying and wearing real fur clothing again and have somehow been brainwashed into believing that real fur is cool (and even environmentally friendly). Think About Fur gives you the rundown and comments from the fashion models who don't wear it.
Orangutans in Crisis
Palm oil found in many supermarket products is responsible for the accelerated destruction of precious rain forests home to the Orangutan, and around 5,000 of these intelligent apes are being driven from their unique habitats in Borneo and Sumatra each year.
Animals in War
Less explored issues in the world of animal welfare are brought to the foreground during periods of war. Besides animals abandoned in zoos, disruption of wildlife habitats and migratory routes due to aircraft activity, bombing and general artillery fire can destroy not only pockets of local wildlife but an entire species forever.
Greyhounds Run for Their Lives
The Greyhound racing industry is responsible for one of the west's most appaling actions of "organised" animal cruelty.

All this and much more through the Animal Gateway


to the Humanitarian Gateway reflecting on a people's planet


A Gift of Light
The current main appeal on the humanitarian gateway homepage presents Swogun ... a womans group in Nepal providing clean and cheap-to-run solar power systems for remote villages and schools.
Humanitarian Paths of Hope
Other paths to explore through the gateway include links to humanitarian stories at Looking-Glass Global News including a report on landmines. Plus you'll find links to interactive concepts on water distribution and clean, renewable energy.

All this and much more through the Humanitarian Gateway


Through to VeggieGlobal keeping the future shades of green

isn't it time?
isn't it time?
isn't it time?
How many light bulbs does it take to change a meat eater?
Well, here's a bright idea ... Looking-Glass also has a major vegetarian planet, which has become one of the most popular vegetarian sites in the world. VeggieGlobal includes classifieds and VeggieGlobal's nutrition site, plus hundreds of pages of really useful info.
Could you kill an animal to eat it?
Most likely not ... and in affluent western societies with an abundance of healthy alternatives to choose from, think twice before eating an animal that has been cruelly treated during its short, sad life ... and then murdered on your behalf. If you think it's time to clear your conscience then VeggieGlobal will provide a practical and informative path on your way to becoming a vegetarian ... and therefore a true global compassionate.
VeggieGlobal Kids!
Launching soon, VeggieGlobal's own children's site VeggieGlobal Kids provides specific information and links to useful resources around the sites for both school studies and schools out!
Animal Paths of Hope at VeggieGlobal
And if you've got far better things to do than vote pigs to their death on the Internet - (see "Animal Nation" article at LGVN) - then take a look at VeggieGlobal's Local Wildlife - Care Across the Continents. The UK section now provides easily absorbed information on how to create a well balanced wildlife garden.
There are numerous more links to animal related issues at VeggieGlobal.

Through to VeggieGlobal


Through to the good-cause support menu reflecting on a healing planet


Global Charities and Good Cause Groups Directories
One of the main missions of Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal is to allow smaller, more remote charities and non-profit groups a chance to be accessed easily through this popular portal. Both directories cover the world and are manually entered into our pages to ensure that they are kept as up to date as possible. We also have a strict criteria of what types of charities and groups we allow in the directories. We now also provide on-line help for smaller charities and groups on how to optimize their web presentation.
Crisis SOS International
If you are an individual who would like to offer your skills to a charity or organization involved in a disaster, environmental, animal welfare or humanitarian crisis, you can advertise yourself free on our SOS Crisis International site.
If you are a charity or organization in need of volunteers for a particular crisis situation, you can advertise free on our SOS Crisis International site. You'll find the Crisis SOS link through the Directories Gateway.

Through to our directories gateway

Good Cause Support Programme
Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal carefully select and then promote various important compassionate causes - animal, environmental and humanitarian - to give them much needed extra publicity and web exposure. Some of the featured good-cause support pages can be also sponsored by businesses and individuals.


To the environment gateway reflecting on a green planet


The Fertile Crescent
The environment gateway homepage features the destruction of the Mesopotamian marshlands and its peoples, one of the world's largest, and until recently, hidden environmental disasters - primarily caused by the Sadam regime. In post war Iraq, what chances of its regeneration?

Environmental Paths of Hope
Other paths to explore through the gateway include links to environmental stories at Looking-Glass Global News including reports on global warming, dying oceans (the Aral Sea etc), oil tankers, GM crops and much more. Plus you'll find links to interactive concepts on recycling, fossil fuels and energy.

All this and much more through the environment gateway


Through to the Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal Columnists Gateway reflecting on a cruel planet


Heather Chase
Founder of Models with Conscience, author of "Beauty Without the Beast", accomplished model and Genesis Awards presenter, Heather Chase brings her beguiling philosophy on humane living to Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal.
Annette Crosbie
The outstanding UK actress whose tireless work for Greyhound re-homing organisations, and her landmark speech at the 2003 Labour Annual Conference has placed her as the UK's foremost public voice for the welfare of racing Greyhounds.
Kim Cooling
In 2000, Kim Cooling single handedly brought a halt to the annual slaughter of tens of thousands of street animals in Bangkok. Through her column you can also read the Looking-Glass exclusive, "The Kim Cooling Story"

Through to the Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal Contributors Gateway


Through to Looking-Glass Global News reflecting on a restless planet


World Reflection
Just because you've probably seen or heard about impending environmental disasters or extinction in yesterday's news doesn't mean it's old news to be forgotten as last week's conversation filler at a dinner party. Don't be so superficial!... News of our diminishing biosphere and life within it should not be presented to entertain, but to evoke concern.
The News, Inside Out
The Looking-Glass Global News planet (LGVN) is an important window on the world as viewed from this retreat. LGGN provides you with environmental, animal and humanitarian news plus information of ecological importance for those who embrace a conscientious lifestyle. You'll find articles which the media sets aside far too quickly..

Through to Looking-Glass Global News



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