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From its earliest incarnation in 1995 the Amazon award winning Looking-Glass Ethical Arts and Media non-profit web retreat was created to enlighten and empower individuals of a compassionate nature - and ultimately encourage global healing for all.

Looking-Glass has now evolved to appeal to those who aspire towards an environmentally sound and harmonious future through a more refined level of ethical thinking.
One main principle of the Looking-Glass philosophy can be uniquely defined as pragmatic ethics; a form of study to find ecological solutions through balanced research and active development, which truly harmonises with nature - and without vested interest. This is achieved by first setting aside counterproductive elements across the ecologoical and socioeconomic spectrum such as eco-extremism, internet alarmism, marketing jargon, political rhetoric, negative technology and, last-but-not-least, greenwashing. Looking-Glass analyses cause and effect at the core level and seeks a common-sense solution which propagates natural stability. This, for example, means addressing all levels of greenwashing by contrived "ethical" businesses, arts / crafts projects and charities and instead establishing a mode of ethical practice which can reap genuinely sustainable benefits for both humanity and the world's natural ecology. For example, we are currently actively focused on the jewellery industry and have now spent some years studying this highly contentious monetary giant of the vanity world, where the devastating effects of mining are deceptively disguised with ethical jargon, "fair-trade" labels and eco-style glamour. The truth beneath the surface is far from ethical.

Looking-Glass is also continuing to develop The NOVA Key - which, according to comments expressed by NOVA Key site visitors, is "the clearest, most honest and practical of any ethical labelling system". We have now applied The NOVA Key to the works of a jewellery artist to show how versatile the labelling system is - not just on foods, but all kinds of consumer items ... even artworks. Through the NOVA Key we also offer consultancy for small food producers and makers of other consumer products in preparation for inclusion into the NOVA Key beta programme.
The Ban The Bang! fireworks campaign continues as a resource serving  public concern worldwide (but mainly in the UK where fireworks are still hugely under-regulated. Ban The Bang has developed a set of balanced workable proposals which should greatly reduce nuisance fireworks - but at the same time satisfy all sides of the argument.

Looking-Glass syncopates to the Earth's heartbeat ...
Looking-Glass is on a continual quest to create ever-expanding ethical landscapes which in turn open up new ethical horizons. This means there
are other connected websites and projects orbiting the Looking-Glass nucleus, all which gravitate towards aspects of compassionate living and
forward-thinking solutions.  Since 1998 the Looking-Glass sister site has inspired millions on a path towards a veggie-vegan lifestyle. VeggieGlobal also provides a uniquely pragmatic perspective on veganism and vegetarianism. Overall, the Looking-Glass retreat provides ethically based resources, news, campaigns and appeals - mainly covering animal welfare, humanitarianism and global conservation. Apart from some of our reports for publication on these sites, some Looking-Glass / VeggieGlobal articles are found through other reputable websites and printed publications.
Due to administrative limitations and to enable absolute focus on issues currently under study not all of Looking-Glass is updated regularly. Therefore there are some areas which have laid dormant for many years and have now become archive areas. This doesn't usually mean that the information provided is no longer relevant, as many aspects of the site exist as an oracle or resource - a reminder of things we should always be aware of and aspire to and which may help lead us towards a more harmonious future. As time permits however, many areas of the site will eventually be reorganized or specifically archived so that important research updates and special reports are more easily found.

More about Looking-Glass below ...

through the mirror

This on-line retreat is interlaced with information and advice to inspire and stimulate the mind. There is discussion and analogies to stir the conscience - a kaleidoscope of interplay as the Looking-Glass mission guides site visitors towards a globally peaceful and humane lifestyle.
In seamless design, Looking-Glass also offers a broad menu of interests and complimentary services - plus further exploration on philosophy, meat-free nutrition advice, news, interactive campaigns, good-cause support programmes, charity listings and a variety of learning modules for all ages. You can set Looking-Glass as your home page with the assurance that you won't be showered with irrelevant and intrusive advertising and settle into the relaxing atmosphere within these environs knowing you are truly immersed in a balanced combination of (perhaps) your favourite things.

A dimension away from the internet rush-hour, Looking-Glass has grown slowly and organically ... long before the dot com gold rush came then dissapeared. Free of religion and most politics, this retreat emphasises the importance of a pragmatic, common-sense approach and always aims to provide properly researched and accurate information. It also includes many everyday lifestyle interests for everyone's benefit. You'll find  VeggieGlobal - one of the most popular and longest serving veggie/vegan resources of its kind worldwide, plus areas of selective reviews, news related subjects and discussion.
Apart from environmental discussion, Looking-Glass is also interwoven with evolutionary philosophies - such as a journey towards universal awareness.The essence of this philosophy extends towards mood environs and other inspiring perspectives scattered throughout this on-line "retreat".

To reflect your mood or emotion, Looking-Glass helps you find solace during times of reflection and gently leads you along a path to help you unwire yourself from the hive-like interplay and superficiality of social media and associated apps which have instilled so much dumbing-down into the connected world.

  • Hope and inspiration - in times of solitude
  • "Like" free, and therefore deeper inependent thinking and judgement - through inner realization - an informed choice without blind influence.
  • Suggestion of giving - through a heightened sense of outward compassion ... but without grabbing for kudos.
  • Positive and peaceful change in your life - through compassionate interaction ... where gratitude takes precedence while seeing through the eyes of others.

So please get involved in our campaigns, projects, and other important contributions towards world healing.
After you have browsed through the main contents you may find paths around Looking-Glass that lead you deeper into its philosophy or else future adventures of the Looking-Glass community - and ask yourself ...
... Are you reflecting?

exploring the planets and moons of looking-glass

* Looking-Glass is like a solar system ... Where you are right now is the nucleus ... the Homelands ... and beyond are planets (like VeggieGlobal), moons and satellites all encircling ... and ever evolving. Amongst all of this are gateways and paths to help you find what you are looking for. But if you ever get lost in this labyrinth of literally thousands of pages, you will be brought back to this Homelands Reception page by clicking on the house on the top right or bottom of almost any page. If you want to search for something more specifically please use the labyrinth / map links.

We hope you find Looking-Glass both fun and enlightening, and that you'll come back and visit us often ...

... through the Looking-Glass.

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