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Animal Gateway

>> The number of animals killed for human consumption worldwide in 1998 was 43.2 billion ...

>> In January 2003 alone, nearly 200 dolphins were washed up dead on the south-west coast of Britain, drowned by fishing nets of trawlers ... In 2007 the river dolphin in China became extinct.

>> An insensitive new generation of fashion followers are buying and wearing real fur clothing again. Young people say that "Moral objections are old hat"...

>> Recent statistics are showing that links between animal abuse and domestic violence exist. And pets are found to be one of the common denominators in family violence ...

This is just a tiny example of the many issues, articles, campaigns and columns relating to animal welfare at Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal.

Animal Paths To Explore

if fish could scream


To the Lighthousethinkthepast

It was once said that the only man-created structure you could see from space was the Great Wall of China. Now all that has changed. Today, from the International Space Station, you will be able to spot at least two man-made disasters. A shrunken, dry Aral Sea full of toxins. And thousands of square miles of dead coral across The Great Barrier Reef.

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The Animal Rescue Site The Rainforest Site

Wasatch Bear before being rescued by Wildlife SOS

Mistreatment, rescuing and rehabilitation of wild animals.

The most important avenue of animal welfare that directly effects the stability of the natural world is the care and protection of those in the wild.
Many species are on the verge of extinction through poaching, or destruction of their habit, while others are exploited and suffer horrific treatment under the hands of humans. Wild animals and the habitat they live in need our support more than ever and every effort should be made by those of you who can spare a few pennies a week to help the organizations who are helping to protect and rehabilitate the animal kingdom.
Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal support for wild animal rehabilitation, rescue and habitat preservation covers every creature on the planet from rain forest creatures to ocean dwellers and everything in-between.

Here are just some examples of Looking-Glass and VeggieGlobal Good-Cause Support Programmes on Welfare of Wild Animals:

Wildlife SOS ... One of Wildelife SOS' main missions is to rescue and rehabilitate grossly mistreated bears used for street dancing in India dancing To find out more visit the Looking-Glass support page here

Orangutans in Crisis ... Palm oil found in many supermarket products is responsible for the accelerated destruction of precious rain forests home to the Orangutan, and around 5,000 of these intelligent apes are being driven from their unique habitats in Borneo and Sumatra each year more...

Croatia is the world's largest exporter of Chinchilla fur ... Animal Friends Croatia is setting a positive example to its own country's government and other Eastern European countries who traditionally have appaling records of animal cruelty. One Animal Friends' main focus projects is to call on all world governments to ban fur trading. more...

Manatees and Dugongs are the gentle giants of the oceans and estuaries around warmer climes of the world. Under serious threat from global extinction, Looking-Glass Good-Cause support asks you to read more and explore the options of how you can help to bring these docile creatures back from the brink of extinction.
More ...


Mistreatment, rescuing and homing of companion animals.
The mistreatment of domestic (companion) animals, mostly in countries such as Greece and the Far East, is a highly charged and controvertial issue - as you can read at Looking-Glass News "Pride, Poison and Prejudice around the Parthenon".
Being types of animals, which the general public in the west are more familiar with, dogs and cats in distress generate a far higher cause for concern than the sufferng of wild animal species in the natural world - many of which are close to extinction. This may reveal an imbalance of human compassion, because the wellbeing of every species on this planet should be as important as the next. However, the reason why the mistreatment of domestic animals is given a geneourous amount of coverage here is because they are a variety of life dependent on an interaction with humans on a day to day basis. Cats, dogs and farmed animals are species that have evolved through human intervention and therefore human management. With humanised behaviour, cats and dogs in particular are now dependent on us for food and shelter, while a wild animal (in the traditional sense) isn't. As we are responsible for domesticating, then breeding billions of companion animals over many centuries, it will forever be our responsibility to provide food and shelter for a species, which would otherwise be unable to fend for itself. Those abandond animals that attempt to do so only last months if not just days in what would have once been their natural habitat. It's now everyone's responsibility to help alleviate their suffering.

A Selection of Domestic Animal Rescue Charities

SOS Strays Belgium
S.O.S.Strays' main goal is to improve the welfare of animals, mainly in South-European countries such as Greece. Their website will inform you about the appalling conditions and treatment of stray dogs and cats at popular holiday destinations such as Greece. The organisation also aims to financially help local animal welfare societies in such countries and arrange for re-homing of animals to new homes in Belgium and Holland.

Address: S.O.S.Strays p/a Carine Wouters, Calesbergdreef 12, B-2900 Schoten (Belgium) FAX 03- 644 32 44

Arche Noah Crete
Although Arche Noah's website doesn't have a straightforward "Who We Are" information page, you'll eventually come across plenty of useful info relating to their organization's mission via their site's "future" link. Run by Germans, Arche Noah presents a highly commendable example of a well run Greek animal rescue organization.

E-mail: Use contact form on their site (this includes other contact info too.)

Greek Animal Welfare Fund
Greek Animal Welfare Fund was established in the UK in 1959.
Their main objective is to raise money to further humane behaviour towards animals of all kinds in Greece and its islands.
GAWF is currently helping around 25 animal protection groups with expertise, equipment and financial support.

Address: Head Office, 1-2 Castle Lane, London, SW1E 6DN, United Kingdom

Greek Animal Rescue
Greek Animal Rescue are a UK based organisation mainly involved in the rescue of dogs.
Through GAR Newsletters, campaign articles and hard hitting press releases, animal rescuers in Greece are provided with an international voice and support.

Address: 69 Great North Way, Hendon, London NW4 1PT



Find More Charities and Animal rescue organisations at our Directories Gateway

Read the news feature Pride, Poison and Prejudice around the Parthenon at Looking-Glass Global News

Read hundreds of articles about animal welfare at the Looking-Glass Global News Site

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