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Harmonic Thinking



Stand still ... and silent

Touch nothing...
... Otherwise you won't feel anything

Listen to nothing...
... Otherwise you won't hear anything

Close your eyes...
... Otherwise you won't see anything

Now you can feel it...
... The heartbeat of planet Earth. The pulse of all nature

Now you can hear it...
... The pure harmonic of this and every infinite universe

Now you can see it...
... All Matter of the Universe ... Which was never really dark at all

You are at the beginning of a wide path that can lead you there... that is if you choose to travel it. There are billions of paths ... more than enough for everyone on Earth, but so very few people choose to begin this journey. The wonderland paradigm is a good introductory model of the Dreambeat philosophy ... a journey of curiosity and juxtaposition. It's a lifetime learning curve, through an all-enlightening equation of experience and self-healing and outward healing through your own subconscious.

... you are facing your very own path. It is wide and meandering. Paths sometimes meet and cross... run side by side, but rarely join. Full of ever-changing colour and places to explore. These are routes carved by the winds and natural harmonics of all nature - and on a universal scale.

As your guide, an education from within and a free spirit is all that's needed. Instinctive knowing, reasoning, common senses and un-common senses are stimulated - the positive elements within you are awakened....

The Dreambeat is within everyone's reach... But there are those who close their ears to it - those who live by greed, aggression, abusing, arrogance, deception, deviousness, self centered and unscrupulous motives - They shuffle awkwardly to a grating, soulless, bland, emotionless and uncool tune ... a discord of humankind. That summation unfortunately relates to an ignorant majority. The Dreambeat gives you the opportunity to detach yourself from the ever destructive blind faiths of humanity and ascend to a naturally aspired, compassionate lifestyle. Universal awareness can be part of your everyday reality.


Syncopate to the Dreambeat
and you are in rhythm with the pulse of all perfect things.

Syncopate to the Dreambeat
and your senses and emotions are tuned to the natural harmonics of the Universe.

Syncopate to the Dreambeat
then you are rooted to the harmonics and the pulse of your planet... the heartbeat of Earth.


Are You A Rainbow?

By deciding to step onto a path though the paradigm of wonderland you are already touched by mild winds of the harmonic slipstream ... enough to freshen your mind, imagination and conscience. Stimulating enough confidence to realise that no ghosts of bad karma can ever haunt or re-infect you again once on your journey. They simply could never handle (yet even contemplate) such an adventure!

Remember, the Dreambeat is no religion, no externally derived faith ... no gospel or regime of personal development... It is the trigger word which can activate a paraversal resonance - to awaken your senses through natural awareness... the next plane of evolution, and the insight of who and why we ARE.

As we say ... at this point of evolution, there are only few aware humans who might even consider how to reach these paths. You are privilaged, and show a desire to explore your natural intellectual capacity... and concludes without doubt that earthbound IQ or academic orientation shows no bearing in true, universal intellect or natural awareness.
The dreambeat allows you to show that perhaps you hide a natural instinct, a purity of understanding that has never before been allowed to surface. Instead, in the past you were driven to contrive a lifestyle to accomodate acceptance of a discordant philosophy so as to conform amongst your local human environment... your work, your peer group, or even family.

The definitions and conclusions reached here are based on intuitive chains of reasoning. Sometimes through scientific, anthopological, philosophical and phycological principles.... but all non-interlaced to ensure that no conclusion or enlightenment is linked to a time framed knowledge*


*see "Introduction to the philosophy of Dreambeat"


Tuning Into Full Colour, 3D Whole Reality

It's important that The Dreambeat is delivered to you with as much light and humour as possible. Such deeply searching philosophy can be doze-off material. Looking-Glass hopes to transmit these examples to the reader as painlessly and absorbently as possible.
Universal understanding can be such a contrived knot of ambiguity and therefore this retreat strives not to let that happen here. With the Dreambeat, Looking-Glass hopes the reader can keep tuned in.


Imagine listening to a short-wave radio a long way from home. To hear the broadcast clearly you may have to adjust the dial or reposition the radio from time to time as it phases and fades from loud to being lost in the airwaves.
Try adjusting your own receptiveness when reading a Dreambeat harmonic. Daily stress can affect the way you absorb your reading at different times. If something doesn't gel or seems to fade as stressful thoughts take over, come back to it later. Or else try a relaxing exercise that clears your mind, before reading a section you would rather like to tune into and absorb with clarity.
The Dreambeat describes a journey in a flowing, philosophical terminology... and hopefully without too many new-age clichés and "hot words" wrapped with "quotations"...!

Still easy to comprehend?.... And at the end - if ever reached - you and your reflection will become one. And there is a reassuring surprise... a meaning of life summarized in one single sentence bringing all reflections of mind, being, matter and spirit into infinite, but always clear perspective....



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A Graphical Interpretation of the Dreambeat Harmonic


Harmonic Thinking relates to subjects scattered around and its satellite sites.
Edited from Beyond Dark Matter - A Paraversal View © John O'Donnell

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