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Please note that although thousands of you from all around the world have kindly commented so positively about the NOVA Key, we can only publish a brief selection on the following comments pages.
Thanks to all of you for your continuing support.

Examples of recent comments:

From: S.L.M. Long Beach, California, USA
This is something that is also useful for people who aren't vegetarian or vegan, health conscious people will benefit from this labelling as well.
... I think this whole thing is wonderful.

From: L.H, England
Good idea - vegetarian food in restaurants is particularly suspicious and needs better guidelines and training of chefs. Incorrect food labelling should be an offence, as per the trade's description act.

From: S.S. Moreno Valley California, USA
I see no reason for manufacturers not to use this (NOVA Key) unless they are ashamed of their products.

From: A.M. Motherwell, Scotland
I think it is a great idea because food, clothing and cosmetics labels simply seem to confuse rather than inform. The NOVA Key concept takes the key things people would like to know about a product and makes them much clearer straight away.

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Meanwhile ... A statement from the NOVA Key regarding the beef being put back into Bovril

NOVA Key Voters and VeggieGlobal subscribers may have previously noted that we enthusiastically explained that Bovril was suitable for vegetarians. This is certainly no longer the case because the beef is now back in Bovril. We feel that Unilever, the manufacturers of Bovril, have shot themselves in the foot by loosing millions of vegetarian customers. During the ban on beef imports and exports relating to the BSE scare, Unilever removed the beef extract from Bovril. During this period VeggieGlobal "tested" the vegetarian Bovril on a large number of avid meat-eaters. Not one of them could tell the difference that the beef extract had been removed - and most refused to believe that it wasn't full of beef! Even Unilever themselves admit that their consumer testing showed there is no difference in taste between Bovril with or without the beef extract. So we ask, why on earth does Unilever insist on killing thousands of animals each year to add to a product which simply does not require such an ingredient to satisfy meat-eaters? Many vegetarians who eat meat-like products and who recognize the nutritional benefit of yeast (a main ingredient of Bovril), preferred the taste of Bovril over the much sharper taste of Marmite - or at least enjoyed having the option to choose between these products. Shame on Unilever.

Voter Demography

The average age of Internet users has to be taken into account, but even with this adjustment the vast majority of NOVA Key votes come from the generation between 16 and 30 years of age. A sharper decline begins to show in 40 to 50 age group. There is far less interest in ethical labelling in generations from 50 onward (and by 65 onwards almost no interest).
Labelling comments also show a very strong support for NOVA Key in the growing populace of under 30's - particularly 16 to 21 being the most perceptive and educated consumers now aspiring to green / environmentally friendly / healthier choices. In the first 6 years of the NOVA Key Campaign between 2002 and 2008, the voting trends have however shown that as the younger "greener" generations grow older, more votes are proportionaly received from maturing age groups. Manufacturers take note.
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NOVA Key Ethical Labelling Pie chart

Voter Age Groups

red 16 to 21 16-21

aqua blue 22 to 30 22-30

green 31 to 40 31 - 40

blue 41 to 50 41 - 50

yellow 51 onwards 51 - onwards



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Due to the current state of labelling practices in the UK, it's worth keeping a vigilant eye open for products with "V" or "O" style labels on them. And if you have doubts about a product's authenticity as being totally meat free or organic etc, then contact the stores management or the producers themselves. Tell us about it as we will keep this site updated with your reports.
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