The Paraversal View *
Never view life on earth the same way again.

The Paraversal View* may signify the most radical twist of philosophy to date. A completely revised aspect of universal awareness, perhaps concurrent with a millennial changeover, but clearly retrospective of Earth's 4.5 billion year history.

The source of the "Dreambeat" philosophy is described and explored not from the aspect of earth consciousness but from a far point in the Universe…perhaps many millions of light years in time and distant space.

But from this unique new angle, exploring our reasoning of existence and connection with all matter and manner of universes becomes incredibly transparent, colourful, obvious, complex, relevant and irrelevant… all at the same time.

In the physical universe we live by a heartbeat ... in the paraverse we live by the Dreambeat


IN mind

The pulse of all perfect things

As senses, imagination and emotions are tuned to the natural harmonics of the universe

The philosophy which may guide the way to the next plane of human evolution


IN art

An instinct of natural quality within all arts and literature

A feeling of no specified rhythm but which defines the best of musical works from pop to classical and every derivative in-between

Warming, cooling, disturbing, euphoric, melancholic


THROUGH the Looking-Glass Web Retreat

The dimension of Dreambeat

... the art of compassion


There are three ways to think

1. Cerebrally,
2. Elementally (primal),
3. Harmonically.

The first two are firmly attached to our biological make-up as human beings.
The third way to interact with our thoughts (harmonically) is a dormant activity for many. But harmonic thinking is achieved via a receptive channel through which flows a universal consciousness …

Imagine the human consciousness as a triangle pointing upwards

One lower corner correlates to our cerebral thoughts and actions, which are determined by our inherent neural pathways - The other lower corner correlates to our primal thoughts and actions. Both of these lower points are based on our organic evolution - our physical biology.

At the top of the triangle is a harmonic channel - neither biological nor physical.
This represents a non-dependant universal resource. We exist by it, but we rarely access its universal flow. But those few who feel and interrelate with this natural link to an array of multidimensional consciousness will recognize the meaning of this allegory. Whether part described in human language as life-force, soul or sixth sense, it is the sub-quantum avenue of universal awareness and intuitive wisdom. Even dreams are a clue to this triangular metaphor.

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Dreambeat Harmonics

Syncopate yourself to the pulse of thi earth ... your homeworld - and thereafter to the most naturally aligned universal harmonic.

In a way to explore avenues that expand on the metaphor above, Dreambeat Harmonics reflect on dreams and the tapestry of the material and non-material universe. They also consider human evolution both globally and closer to home - giving clues how to surpass its limitations - which have led us into the destructive turbulence of modern times.
At the end of the day pour a glass, flip open your laptop, chill with some dreamsounds... click on a
Dreambeat harmonic, read and contemplate. Enjoy


Tired of Dumbing Down? ... evolve! - An introduction to Dreambeat philosophies


The Dreambeat Listings

  • IN the Dreambeat Listings, tastes and fads don't apply - just work of instinctive qualities . . . a harmonic within the Dreambeat. A growing, interactive database of suggested art, music, film, literary titles and writers - places, sights and events. All variables of style and essences of fun, euphoria, melancholy, feel-good, dark-and-distant, light-and-shade, cheesy, evocative, surreal, beautiful, disturbing, enigmatic, classical, romanticism - listed by genres but all which could be considered as definitions of a Dreambeat "harmonic" in some creative or emotional sense. All un-hyped, uncontrived and unpretentious, but definitely cooool. These may not particularly be whole pieces of work, maybe just one piece of music from one band, one verse from a poet, a movie scene of one director etc.
  • WE even list particular items of quality for your interest which you can purchase through our affiliated links. You can also buy many of the CDs books and films we list by clicking on the "purchase through" links. It's all made very simple and un-intimidating since our aim is to provide quality information, in a stylish and relaxing web environment ... not sales jargon.
  • YOU can submit suggestions for the listing. Unpublished works will also be listed with appropriate links, giving quality unrecognised artists an opportunity to get noticed.


* The Paraversal View - copyright John O'Donnell 1999 onwards



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