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Firework Pollution
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Ban the Bang!

Ban the Bang! needs you to send in your experiences about animals, wildlife and also people who have been badly affected by fireworks.
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Ban the Bang in Fireworks campaign

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Latest Campaign News

Ban the Bang! Campaign News UK Update 2014/15
What can you do about nuisance fireworks in your neighbourhood?
Keeping this campaign focussed; Multiple petitions are diluting the pressure on UK government.
Firework displays STILL continue inside animal parks.
Plus, Ban the Bang! posters available to print out more

Firework display held inside a UK animal park
... Yes, we didn't believe it ourselves at first.

Canadian wildlife park holding a firework display every day throughout Christmas

16 captive birds killed by nearby fireworks display

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Read Voters Comments

Vote Here - Read the proposals then vote to Ban The Public Sale of Fireworks that Bang

New voting / contribution options

"Wildlife is literally being frightened to death".

This is the Looking-Glass campaign to ban the public sale of loud or any potentially damaging / nuisance fireworks based on a coherent set of non-killjoy proposals .

" Because of persons unknown setting off fireworks my terrified Collie bolted onto a main road and was killed by a car" ... N. H-W Northampton, UK.

"I am a vet and feel strongly about the lack of control of potentially lethal fireworks. The distress they cause to animals is a disgrace in our so-called animal loving nation." ... L.F. Walsall, UK.

Read more voter comments ...

 ...or read the Ban the Bang! proposals and sign the petition straight away.

UK Fireworks Season

When will a UK government accept that fireworks and animals (as well as frail and elderly humans) do not mix?
If you are concerned member of paliament who the balanced proposals of this campaign please vote and then get in touch. Over 12 years, Ban The Bang! has researched and collected an unprecedented amout of evidence to support an  urgent necessity of an effective reworking of UK firework laws.
Read our sensible non-killjoy proposals then vote.

Our voters comments archive  ... reveals numerous incidents of suffering and death to animals ... and also humans

Read our sensible non-killjoy proposals then vote.

This picture of a drowned badger was sent in by a voter whose neighbour's noisy firework party caused the wild animal to panic and run into the garden pond.
Read about this incident and many more in the
Ban the Bang Voters Comments Archive

Drowned Badger from the effects of fireworks

Firework fans ...
Do you think this is a killjoy campaign?

Click Here to find out why it's not and what the campaign's proposals are

... or read through the introduction below first.

The RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) tells us:
"I would like to see a severe restriction on the sale and use of fireworks at the very least. I find it strange that we have restrictions on weaponry in the UK yet fireworks are now equivalent to minor explosives in power."
Ian Peters, Wildlife Advisor

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home tells us:
"Having worked in animal shelters for a few years, in the UK I have witnessed first hand the increase in lost pets and strays coming in during traditional firework seasons."
L. Jenkins, The Dogs Home Battersea

Why Ban The Bang?
If you are a pet owner then you've no doubt seen how distressed animals can get during festival times as fireworks bang and flash across the country. Not only all kinds of wild and domestic animals, but also children, the elderly and those of a nervous disposition can be seriously affected by modern, excessive fireworks. These can be easily bought from many types of local stores. Communities are increasingly conscious of the unsociable behaviour caused by irresponsible neighbours, youths and even adults who set of fireworks without any consideration for their local environment or other residents in their community whether human or animal.

As fireworks get noisier, sound levels are reaching decibels that can not only damage human hearing but also frighten animals and birds literally to death.
If the noise doesn't kill them then birds and mammals in your local neighbourhood can easily become disorientated and suffer in other ways.
Looking-Glass has researched this issue for many years now and have experienced the aftermath of extreme fireworks on wildlife, finding severely distressed or dead birds and other creatures around gardens and woodland areas close to private and even organized displays located in environmentally sensitive areas.
Fireworks have now become increasingly used throughout the entire year due to multicultural celebrations and the trends of fireworks used at weddings and parties, this also means nests can be abandoned during breeding seasons, leaving baby birds to die.
Research is also needed to study the detrimental effects fireworks may be causing to migratory birds.

It's a widespread problem in the UK.
Ban the Ban is a UK based campaign. However the firework nuisance persists worldwide. Some countries have fairly effective laws regarding the use of fireworks, but the UK falls shamefully behind as one of the worst countries in the world for unnefective firework laws. In the UK, more and more people use fireworks to celebrate personal occasions and other events like religious festivals and now the latest craze, weddings. So besides traditional UK celebrations like Guy Fawkes night, the threat to wildlife is now extended throughout the entire year. New laws imposed in 2004 to curb the use of fireworks have made no difference at all and the more recently revised animal welfare laws have also proven to be entirely inefective. (See Campaign News Update where we offer some advice on this)
Many people - even some pet owners - have no consideration for their local wildlife when using fireworks. With the dramatic decline in numbers of bird species throughout Europe, louder and more extreme firework products are not helping matters in the slightest. The house sparrow has now become a rare sight across many areas of the UK, and we suggest that loud fireworks may be contributory to their dwindling numbers. One voter comment describes finding 29 dead sparrows in their garden the morning after extreme fireworks where set off on the other side of the fence by neighbours. Many small creatures as well as larger animals can simply die of shock from the very loud explosions of "aerial bombs" and similar fireworks being set of just metres away from them.
In more rural areas and suburbs more varieties of wildlife habitats are at risk. Loud and excessive aerial fireworks can seriously affect wildfowl, songbirds, owls, deer, badgers, voles (and many other animals native to your own area of the world). Apart from severe shock and burns, animals can also suffer from burst ear drums.
While "extreme" fireworks remain available over the shop counter the world's struggling wildlife continues to be adversely affected. Besides this, many domestic animals become lost during firework celebrations - usually the fault of careless owners who have left their pets outside.

 ... and worldwide.
In Australia, most territories have banned the public sale of all fireworks. We assume that the main reason is to eliminate the risk of fireworks setting off bush fires etc. But the secondary effect of course means that animals have a safer chance of survival throughout the year. In more temperate climates such as the UK, fireworks don't pose such serious fire threats during the wintry months.
In the US, some states have seasonal firework bans for the same reason, usually during drought periods. However some American cities have banned them totally, even the so called "safe and sane" variety. American community services remind the public that fireworks are the cause of thousands of fires and injuries throughout the country each 4th July, but little or no mention about the major impact on wildlife - which of course also suffer through fires and fright caused by fireworks.
New Year is a time for fireworks for many countries. Europe and Latin America are particularly unpleasant places for animals and wildlife due to the extreme volume of fireworks. These easily match the decibel levels of large real bombs. In Italy and Germany for example, kids are casually setting off these kinds of fireworks around the streets and suburbs throughout the entire Christmas and carnival periods. In Europe, Looking-Glass has witnessed small birds drop dead of fright when loud bangers (more resembling a small stick of dynamite) are let off near its perching places. This kind of example ties in with many comments received by Ban the Bang! voters - some who have observed groups of dead birds and fledgelings around areas after firework displays. We even have reports of dead birds found in sanctuaries after nearby firework displays.
Many animals have been reportedly hit by cars during firework celebrations as they run in panic.

Fireworks not only effect animals but also humans.
As fireworks have become louder, more intense and more frequently used over longer periods, an increasing number of people are becomming severely affected. Noisy fireworks can cause general mental stress and trigger off conditions related to psycological illnesses. They can cause anxiety amongst young children and the elderly and sleepless nights for many. The risk of serious injury from fireworks also remains high. One comment sent to Ban the Bang! that has particularly concerned us describes a woman whose husband was killed by a firework during their wedding reception.
To substantiate evidence of  human suffering, many voters comment on how frightened their young children are from the excessive noise of modern fireworks. Ban the Bang! even receives multiple votes from residential homes for the elderly. We have also had reports from a UK barracks were some soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress after returning from war zones have been affected by the loud bangs of a local firework display.

... and the environment.
 Ban the Bang initially aims to keep the topic of nuisance fireworks more focussed on distress caused to animals and communities. However, our research also covers the impact of fireworks on the general environment. Our page "Firework Pollution" describes Ban The Bang's position in resolving environmental damage caused by their excessive use.

Overwhelming Evidence.
Ban The Bang! continues its extensive study each year; building a dossier of what has become the most conclusive proof ever of the negative impact of irresponsibly used fireworks. We are continually surprised and shocked by the diversity of incidents and circumstances which highlight the damage and distress caused by fireworks ... not just in the UK but on a global scale.

The EU are proposing to ban the public sale of loud fireworks - but only those that exceed a specified sound level. However, this proposal has no relevance to the effects on animals and wildlife and is directed at the potential damage to human hearing only.
At present commercially available "Air Bombs" are reaching levels of well over 105 decibels ... That's louder than Concorde was during take off!

We don't want to be total killjoys here. (Many enjoy the visual delight of properly controlled fireworks)
We present you this campaign on various levels depending on geographical location.

In low fire risk regions like the UK and similar temperate regions we suggest that there's still a place for small non-animal threatening firework displays in your back yard. In these countries only aerial (rockets etc.) and "banging" or "screaming" fireworks should be withdrawn from public sale.
In a way, this kind of ban will not be any threat to firework manufacturers, and if anything, it should give them insentive to change their methods and introduce more visually inspiring low level, quiet and safe fireworks.
Noisy and aerial fireworks should only be used in controlled licensed displays. And such displays should only be allowed in urban areas - and at least 2km away from any potential wildlife / living habitats. Noise levels of such displays should not exceed 85db.

Click Here to find out more why Ban The Bang! is not a "killjoy" campaign and to find out what our balanced proposals are

Ban the Bang ... A place to remember.
The sad comments we receive from voters who have lost animals from fireworks increase each year. In September 2014 we added an In memoriam page so that voters can leave a message and photo in remembrance of their lost animals.
The link to the
In memoriam page is now also on the left menu for easier access.

Ban the Bang In Memoriam page Cookie (left) is just one of many much loved companion animals killed through the result of fireworks. See more on the remembrance pages

You Can Help ... in THREE Ways.

First of all, please VOTE after reading the proposals on the voting page.
Secondly, if you have a comment to add such as an incident which will help with Ban the Bang research please do so after you have voted.
Thirdly, feel free to download and print the Bag the Bang! poster which you can also take to your local vets, schools and pet shop for them to display:
To the Voting Page.


Tell a Friend about this Campaign

Please see our Ban the Bang feedback page for important campaign updates

Click Here to find out why Ban The Bang! is not a "killjoy" campaign and to find out what our balanced proposals are


What Else Can You Do To Help?

Practice the Ban The Bang! firework code which brings peace to your neighbourhood ... for animals and communities in general.
During firework celebrations, only buy fireworks which don't pose a threat to wildlife, neighbourhood pets or local residents. I.e. nothing that bangs or screams and no aerial fireworks like rockets or starbursts.
If you have lots of trees in your garden then it's not a good idea to have any kind of aerial type fireworks. Birds are quietly roosting in trees all around you at night. Just because you can't hear or see them doesn't mean they don't exist after sunset!
Even if you are planning a "quite" firework display, INFORM ALL YOUR NEIGHBOURS WITH PETS WELL IN ADVANCE

Protecting your own pets.
First of all, If available in your country, get your cat or dog microchipped. As we have already mentioned, many cats and dogs run away from home in panic when there are fireworks around and often get lost. With a microchip implant it's far easier to reunite an animal with its owner. Animals have extremely heightened senses compared to humans and can react to disturbances (threat) way beyond the human "radar". This means that even our additional advice given below can often proove useless when trying to keep your animal's nerves at bay during the ever-lengthening firework season. However, some of these tips may help alleviate stress with lesser effected companion animals.
Although it is clear that firework celebrations are lasting weeks instead of just a couple of days, do whatever you can to keep your cats and dogs indoors during firework seasons. If you have animals in hutches outside and can't move them indoors, then cover the hutches with heavy blankets (leaving a suitable air-gap). This will help reduce the noise and the animal should also remain undisturbed by flashing lights. Keep cats and dogs indoors, close windows and blinds and create an audible diversion for them, like turning on some music - this should be reasonably loud but soothing sounds to try and divert the animal's attention from the outside).Very many Ban the Bang! voters have commented that they have to sedate their companion animals as a last resort. (Even this has not helped many pets). If you intend to take sedatory steps you must only do so with your vet's advice and only administer the correct medication provided by your vet.

Wild animals and birds that are shocked or injured.
Keep an eye out for animals and birds in shock that may have fallen from trees. In most cases human intervention will add to the animals distress and we recommend you keep a watchful distance from the animal / bird and make sure no one else goes near it. If the animal continues to behave in a shocked state for more than three or four hours
or is clearly injured then you should alert your local animal welfare organization as soon as possible. They will send someone to investigate further.
Important Note: Tell your local animal welfare organisation to link up free with
The Lost and Found Animals Network (LaFAN). If an animal is lost through fright during firework activities, LaFAN provides a simple method for the public to track down a rescue place in the vicinity of their lost animal. The LaFAN website address is

Keep a check on the elderly and young children.
The elderly are particularly susceptible to loud disturbances. They often live alone and have pets which can become nervous and agitated by the noises. It's a good idea to check on elderly neighbours if you think they or their pets may be suffering during firework periods.
Very young children also need comforting at night during loud firework activity as they often wake up frightened by the bangs outside.

If you are aware of any incidents involving the suffering of any animals through the use of fireworks then please use our contact page



Ban The Bang Campaign MENU

Bang The Bang Front Page
Ban The Bang Campaign Updates, Reports and Incidents
Ban The Bang Voters Comments
VOTE HERE - Read the proposals then vote to Ban The Public Sale of Fireworks that Bang
Tell a Friend about this Campaign
Why Ban The Bang! is not a "killjoy" campaign
Firework Pollution
In Memoriam ... Remembrance of animals lost through fireworks
Enjoy an environmentally friendly firework display


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