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Voters Comments...

Ban the Bang! receives hundreds of comments from distressed voters during firework based celebrations happening in different parts of the world ... none more so than in the UK. We would love to add all of your comments and stories but the sheer administrative weight makes it an impossibility. However, your comments - and partcularly if you have a specific incident to add - are extremely important as Ban The Bang builds a large volume of evidence and concerns from you, the public. So please keep adding your comments after you vote as it is vital for this important research. In the last few years the "yearly" comments pages have not been updated for the reasons mentioned above, but to ensure that no one ever thinks that Ban The Bang! is sitting dormant, we have refreshed the comments pages with a tiny selection from recent voters.

A brief selection of Ban The Bang Comments from UK voters during late 2014.

“Last night fireworks spooked our dog Cassie as the front door was opened and she ran of Unfortunately she made her way to the motorway and was hit and killed.”

“My grandson has autism. The (firework) noise sends him into a wreck because he is noise sensitive.”

“A stable yard near ours went up in smoke last night due to a suspected stray firework. Luckily this time nearly all the horses escaped unharmed except for one which has suffered some nasty burns. We have had incidents of horses running through fences in blind panic due to fireworks being let off at the houses over the road. Our yard is right on the edge of a village and the worry isn't just over bonfire night, it starts early October and doesn't end till January. It's pure misery.”

“I have a friend who lives alone & is severely disabled, part of her disability is that loud sudden bangs & flashes will bring on severe seizures so she has to get into bed before dark, ear plugs in etc. she wears a personal alarm around her waist that will alert a care line if she collapses, if no response from her via the care line paramedics have to be sent to her home. She accepts Nov 5th also any pre announced public displays nearby but it's the random but constant garden even street explosions of which there are many where she lives.”

“My dog is physically sick for about a month when fireworks are going on, its so sad.”
“My dogs are distraught and I have had to start giving them diazepam to sedate them. They have now started to react to other loud noises such as car doors slamming and start getting anxious as soon as it gets dark. They are inconsolable. I don't want to have to sedate my dogs every night. The firework season just seems to go on longer every year. Once started it continues through to New Year.”

“My mums dog has been hit by a car after fireworks freaked her out whilst out for a walk in mid-day, lucky for us she will be ok damage to rear leg which went down to the bone, but the vets have managed to operate to close the wound.”

“Driving to work this morning, the morning after guy fawkes I saw 2 dogs in the middle of the road that had been run over. It is very obvious that they were running in fear last night from the fireworks. Fireworks are cruel and barbaric and it is time to take action.”
“My dog died of heart failure after a massive loud firework was let off near my house. She exhibited signs of stress at the time but was very I'll in the morning, spent day at vets and was put to sleep that day :-( “

“My best friends dog got hit by a car and killed last night running away distressed from fireworks we are all devastated.”

“A neighbour of mine has dementia and thought it was bombs dropping.”

“Our family dog Lassie went to her death far too early because of loud fireworks.”

“I have a rescue dog and every year I have to put him in the back of my car and drive 40 minutes up the motorway to a service station and sit in my car for up to 5 hours at a time just as it is the only place that he cannot hear them and so does not get stressed....and it's not just for one night during Guy Fawkes night either it's over a week!!!...If he hears any fireworks he literally tries to clim the walls and doors in my house. I have tried calming diffusers, collars, herbal remedies, a safe cage which he hurt himself trying to get out of and also veterinary medication which made him is hell every year, we get stressed as well and sit on tender hooks waiting for the next bang!! For us animal owners it is NOT a fun time at all just a nightmare.”

“I am supporting this campaign not only as a pet owner, but also as a person with mental health issues. The constant noise from 6pm to 10pm every evening from October to January is just unbearable! Even with all windows closed it is not possible to find quite.”
“Thanks to fireworks my cat has gone missing …”

"How is it as a licensed firearms holder I have to prove to the police that I am of sound mind to possess explosives yet come November idiots armed with enough cash can buy tonnes of the stuff?.. They should be banned from sale to the public and those wanting to see them should go to proper shows. Why should my pets be put through this stress every year? It’s my human right to live in peace without harassment.

“My poor dog has been living on his nerves throughout the entire winter season. This time is hell for him and me since Bonfire night has become weeks of explosions and noise. I suffer from Hypersensitivity due to medical conditions and jump out of my skin with every cannon blast that goes off. It's time to stop this madness!”

“I’m against the noise not the fireworks. I work with the elderly and many of them are petrified. Some even thinking they are back in the war. My dog gets that upset she urinates with fear... and the wildlife must be petrified. How on earth can this be fun? Why should we have to put up with this noise? Do we have no rights??? Help stop this... They are getting louder each year. Thanks for giving us a chance to speak up for people and animals who cant speak for themselves xx”

A brief selection of global comments from previous years ...but predominantly UK.

“We had a sparrow roost in a privet hedge in our garden, last night 4/11/11 a neighbour detonated a large firework. We found 29 sparrows dead in and under the hedge this morning all were unmarked but rigour mortis had set in. No wonder the London sparrows are endangered species.”

“My 1 year old son woke up screaming 3 times the other night by excessively noisy fireworks.”

“I am a UK vet and feel strongly about the lack of control of potentially lethal fireworks. The distress they cause to animals is a disgrace in our so-called animal loving nation.

“My friend’s dog was stolen a few weeks before bonfire night by a group of young boys they tied her to a tree and set fireworks off right beside her which caused the dog a great deal of stress which she never fully recovered from.”

“My husband was killed at our wedding reception by an illegal firework that was bought as a 'surprise' gift."

"In Australia, most states already have a total ban on sale of fireworks with no detriment to the 'fun' people have to celebrate special events. There are enough professional venues to attend to compensate. I believe there should be a total ban on the sale of fireworks in the UK.”

“We`re from the RAF camp. We know a few men who suffer quite badly from post-traumatic stress after time in Iraq and we can`t believe they continue to have firework displays when they let off extremely loud bangs, causing them huge distress…”

“A lady across the road from where I keep 3 donkeys had a fireworks display in a school field less than 30 mtrs from the donkeys without telling me. I could not catch them to get them in. They were running for their lives. I asked the people to stop so I could catch my terrified animals only to be told “tough!!!”
For one hour they ran into fences and gates trying to escape. All i could do was stay with them. The elderly donkey of 30yrs suffered badly. I had to get the vet. He is recovering. No, it was not children, but adults who think they are pillars of the community.”

“Having worked in animal shelters for a few years, in the UK I have witnessed first-hand the increase in lost pets and strays coming in during traditional firework seasons.” (L.J, Battersea Dogs Home, UK)

“I have four cats and a 20 month old baby girl, whose first sentence was, "bang Mummy, don't like", while putting her hands over her ears. The cats are terrified, and shake continuously. We have had fireworks banging all around us every night for the last two weeks.”

"Because of persons unknown setting off fireworks at 17:20 on Sunday 27th Sept (2009) in a rural area, my terrified Collie bolted onto a main road and was killed by a car."

"In 1999 we had a horse severely injured by the noise from the fireworks at RAF Cranwell. He has taken this long to heal his wounds, his leg was almost severed, and we still have to suffer the fireworks every 6 weeks in order for the new officers to celebrate passing out...."

"I believe there should be a total ban on the sale of fireworks in the UK.
My husband was killed at our wedding reception by an illegal firework that was bought as a 'surprise' gift.
In Australia, most states already have a total ban on sale of fireworks with no detriment to the 'fun' people have to celebrate special events. There are enough professional venues to attend to compensate."

"I am a research scientist (Scotland) specialising in chemistry and have a very clear idea how dangerous fireworks are. We should not be allowing explosives in untrained people's hands."

"I grew up in New Zealand, where fireworks are banned. Each year at Guy Fawkes there is a public fireworks display in the centre of the city - allowing enjoyment for all in a controlled environment without harm to our beloved pets and local wildlife."

"Having worked in animal shelters for a few years, in the UK I have witnessed first hand the increase in lost pets and strays coming in during traditional firework seasons."
L.J, Battersea Dogs Home, UK)

"I have just become a guidedog owner this year and now it is firework season I am experiencing the full impact it can have when you have a working dog. The nights are now longer which is when I need the dog most, unfortunately I cannot risk taking the dog out at this time of year. I have been against home firework displays for many years before becoming a guidedog owner, but now it is actually making my life difficult - BAN THE BANG!"

"As animals cannot speak for themselves we are their voice. Fireworks today are louder and more dangerous than ever before,not only that but they start in October and finish into the New Year. Please put an end to this misery."

"Following the last 10 days I would support a total ban on ALL use of private fireworks. Apart from my concern for animals I have now witnessed the total fear of my young nephew (3yrs old) when the fireworks were going off outside his bedroom window,he was totally hysterical."

"The noise of the fireworks for the last three hours this Saturday night has caused distress to both this human animal and my nervous dog."


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What Else Can You Do To Help?

Practice the Ban The Bang! firework code which brings peace to your neighbourhood ... for animals and communities in general.
During firework celebrations, only buy fireworks which don't pose a threat to wildlife, neighbourhood pets or local residents. I.e. nothing that bangs or screams and no aerial fireworks like rockets or starbursts.
If you have lots of trees in your garden then it's not a good idea to have any kind of aerial type fireworks. Birds are quietly roosting in trees all around you at night. Just because you can't hear or see them doesn't mean they don't exist after sunset!
Even if you are planning a "quite" firework display, INFORM ALL YOUR NEIGHBOURS WITH PETS WELL IN ADVANCE

Protecting your own pets.
First of all, If available in your country, get your cat or dog microchipped. As we have already mentioned, many cats and dogs run away from home in panic when there are fireworks around and often get lost. With a microchip implant it's far easier to reunite an animal with its owner. Animals have extremely heightened senses compared to humans and can react to disturbances (threat) way beyond the human "radar". This means that even our additional advice given below can often proove useless when trying to keep your animal's nerves at bay during the ever-lengthening firework season. However, some of these tips may help alleviate stress with lesser effected companion animals.
Although it is clear that firework celebrations are lasting weeks instead of just a couple of days, do whatever you can to keep your cats and dogs indoors during firework seasons. If you have animals in hutches outside and can't move them indoors, then cover the hutches with heavy blankets (leaving a suitable air-gap). This will help reduce the noise and the animal should also remain undisturbed by flashing lights. Keep cats and dogs indoors, close windows and blinds and create an audible diversion for them, like turning on some music - this should be reasonably loud but soothing sounds to try and divert the animal's attention from the outside).Very many Ban the Bang! voters have commented that they have to sedate their companion animals as a last resort. (Even this has not helped many pets). If you intend to take sedatory steps you must only do so with your vet's advice and only administer the correct medication provided by your vet.

Wild animals and birds that are shocked or injured.
Keep an eye out for animals and birds in shock that may have fallen from trees. In most cases human intervention will add to the animals distress and we recommend you keep a watchful distance from the animal / bird and make sure no one else goes near it. If the animal continues to behave in a shocked state for more than three or four hours
or is clearly injured then you should alert your local animal welfare organization as soon as possible. They will send someone to investigate further.
Important Note: Tell your local animal welfare organisation to link up free with
The Lost and Found Animals Network (LaFAN). If an animal is lost through fright during firework activities, LaFAN provides a simple method for the public to track down a rescue place in the vicinity of their lost animal. The LaFAN website address is

Keep a check on the elderly and young children.
The elderly are particularly susceptible to loud disturbances. They often live alone and have pets which can become nervous and agitated by the noises. It's a good idea to check on elderly neighbours if you think they or their pets may be suffering during firework periods.
Very young children also need comforting at night during loud firework activity as they often wake up frightened by the bangs outside.

If you are aware of any incidents involving the suffering of any animals through the use of fireworks then please use our contact page



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Ban The Bang Campaign Updates, Reports and Incidents
Ban The Bang Voters Comments
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Why Ban The Bang! is not a "killjoy" campaign
Firework Pollution
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