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A Ban The Bang! Environmentally Friendly Firework Display

OK, we do of course realize that fireworks can't exactly be called environmentally friendly because of the pollution they create - from manufacturing to being set off and the mess left in the surrounding neighbourhood.
So what we mean when we say environmentally friendly is that your firework display should not harm the local animals and birds - both wild and pets - and neither should your display cause a nuisance to local neighbours who may have sensitive health conditions. This may be the elderly, young children, people with a nervous disposition, or even ordinary people who are simply fed up and feel violated by the unsociable noise caused by fireworks.

So, if you are organising a home firework party, Ban the Bang! strongly encourages you to make it an environmentally friendly display and follow these simple rules:


2. Although you will be using noise-free, low level fireworks, make sure you have plenty of space in your garden so that fireworks are set off at a distance no nearer than six metres from trees, shrubs and hedges. If you think there are birds or small animals are living in the shrubs and hedges or in nearby trees then even six metres is too close.

3. Even though it may be a noiseless display be courteous to your neighbours by warning them that you are going to use fireworks, so that pets are brought in. Even the sight of noiseless fireworks and the crackle as they burn can cause pets to run away and get lost.

4. Important information about bonfires and hedgehogs etc.
If you are going to have a bonfire with your firework display then before lighting please ALWAYS check deep inside the bonfire to make sure small animals such as hedgehogs are not sheltering or sleeping there. Bonfire heaps are a common place for hedgehogs to hibernate. To make this process much easier, when you first collect wood for a bonfire heap, assume that the heap is not the bonfire itself but a pile next to where you will actually light it. Then, on your firework evening freshly build the bonfire next to the heap you have collected.
If you find hedgehogs curled up in your bonfire heap then find a thick cardboard box and line it with a thick bed of newspapers. Pack with dry, dead leaves and some straw if available. Put the box on its side (so the hedgehog can walk out) and then carefully put the hedgehog inside. Cover the hedgehog with more leaves and cover the entrance lightly with leaves/straw. Locate the box in a dry area, which is properly sheltered from rain and just high enough off the ground (a couple of inches) to avoid risk of flooding and excessive damp. Frogs and toads may also use bonfire heaps for shelter, so keep an eye out for them too.

5. Set up a small sound system and play soothing music that harmonizes with the peaceful spectacle of colours and patterns from your noiseless fireworks.

And finally ... A Suggestion for Firework Manufacturers:

Why not create peaceful, low level firework box sets, based on "themes" to accompany relevant styles of music?

What Else Can You Do To Help?

Practice the Ban The Bang! firework code which brings peace to your neighbourhood ... for animals and communities in general.
During firework celebrations, only buy fireworks which don't pose a threat to wildlife, neighbourhood pets or local residents. I.e. nothing that bangs or screams and no aerial fireworks like rockets or starbursts.
If you have lots of trees in your garden then it's not a good idea to have any kind of aerial type fireworks. Birds are quietly roosting in trees all around you at night. Just because you can't hear or see them doesn't mean they don't exist after sunset!
Even if you are planning a "quite" firework display, INFORM ALL YOUR NEIGHBOURS WITH PETS WELL IN ADVANCE

Protecting your own pets.
First of all, If available in your country, get your cat or dog microchipped. As we have already mentioned, many cats and dogs run away from home in panic when there are fireworks around and often get lost. With a microchip implant it's far easier to reunite an animal with its owner. Animals have extremely heightened senses compared to humans and can react to disturbances (threat) way beyond the human "radar". This means that even our additional advice given below can often proove useless when trying to keep your animal's nerves at bay during the ever-lengthening firework season. However, some of these tips may help alleviate stress with lesser effected companion animals.
Although it is clear that firework celebrations are lasting weeks instead of just a couple of days, do whatever you can to keep your cats and dogs indoors during firework seasons. If you have animals in hutches outside and can't move them indoors, then cover the hutches with heavy blankets (leaving a suitable air-gap). This will help reduce the noise and the animal should also remain undisturbed by flashing lights. Keep cats and dogs indoors, close windows and blinds and create an audible diversion for them, like turning on some music - this should be reasonably loud but soothing sounds to try and divert the animal's attention from the outside).Very many Ban the Bang! voters have commented that they have to sedate their companion animals as a last resort. (Even this has not helped many pets). If you intend to take sedatory steps you must only do so with your vet's advice and only administer the correct medication provided by your vet.

Wild animals and birds that are shocked or injured.
Keep an eye out for animals and birds in shock that may have fallen from trees. In most cases human intervention will add to the animals distress and we recommend you keep a watchful distance from the animal / bird and make sure no one else goes near it. If the animal continues to behave in a shocked state for more than three or four hours
or is clearly injured then you should alert your local animal welfare organization as soon as possible. They will send someone to investigate further.
Important Note: Tell your local animal welfare organisation to link up free with
The Lost and Found Animals Network (LaFAN). If an animal is lost through fright during firework activities, LaFAN provides a simple method for the public to track down a rescue place in the vicinity of their lost animal. The LaFAN website address is

Keep a check on the elderly and young children.
The elderly are particularly susceptible to loud disturbances. They often live alone and have pets which can become nervous and agitated by the noises. It's a good idea to check on elderly neighbours if you think they or their pets may be suffering during firework periods.
Very young children also need comforting at night during loud firework activity as they often wake up frightened by the bangs outside.

If you are aware of any incidents involving the suffering of any animals through the use of fireworks then please use our contact page



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Why Ban The Bang! is not a "killjoy" campaign
Firework Pollution
In Memoriam ... Remembrance of animals lost through fireworks
Enjoy an environmentally friendly firework display


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